• When: 2019-11-22
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX: Olive Oil, Steel Toe, Sweettart, Cheddar, Double Fault, Penny stock, Bonsai, Rebar, Shag, Booster

Frodgeball makes its debut at Clash

Few months back we had Panhandle from F3 Cherokee post and told us about a similar AO they had called “The League”. So my brother went there on Wednesday and told me about them playing something called Ultimate Frodgeball, sent me the rules, and so we unveiled it today. 10 PAX posted for what ended up being perfect weather and a somewhat lopsided game that nobody really knows the score to because Pinot didn’t come. So I will list the rules of Ultimate Frodgeball as they were sent to me directly from The League and then the top 5 moments. We added a few things in during the game as they came up, but fun was had by all and the nice little twist added an element of strategy.

Frodgeball Rules: Same as Ultimate Frisbee with the addition to 1 dodgeball on the defending team. A turnover occurs when the Frisbee is either dropped OR when hit with the dodgeball while in possession of the Frisbee

Frodgeball Constitution:

  1. Keep it safe men
  2. Dodgeball Defender cannot act until at least 1 throw has completed (ex. Cannot immediately hit offense on kickoff or on turnovers)
  3. Dodgeball CAN be used to deflect Frisbee (throw at your own risk)
  4. Frisbee CAN be used to deflect Dodgeball
  5. Dodgeball Defender MUST be changed after each goal (not turnover)
  6. Offense players NOT in possession of Frisbee CAN deflect dodgeball to protect thrower
  7. Previous ruling on breaking the plane REMAINS in effect

Top 5

  1. Thoroughly impressed by the PAX willingness to take on the challenge of Ultimate Frodgeball. The frisbee traditionalists would have balked at the idea of what we did today, but all the PAX in attendance were game for it. It was a fluid situation with some of the rules and play, and all PAX displayed ideal sportsmanship and etiquette that truly embody what F3 is all about.
  2. So one of the rules in the beginning was to do your best to keep dodgeball throws below the neck. Less than 5 min in, Bonsai smoked Rebar in the nose, right as Rebar turned around after catching the frisbee. Good thing we were playing with the soft dodgeball- the oldschool rubber dodgeball would have drawn blood or even chipped Rebar’s tooth (which wouldn’t have been the first time in Clash history- don’t think we’ve seen Rebar at futbol since that incident)
  3. In a perfectly legal play in the endzone, YHC used Cheddar’s back to catapult into the air to defend the frisbee. We are both flossing with grass this morning. Double Fault called foul, but Cheddar said play on… guess they raise them tougher in Wisconsin than us here down south huh DF?
  4. I can’t tell you the number of times someone literally caught the disc and was immediately smoked with the ball. Word to the wise, don’t throw one of those floaters up there that just levitates in midair near the middle of the field, you are going to get your teammate smoked.
  5. Catch of the day goes to Olive Oil- deep pass toward the back of the endzone and he had to get a toe-tap and avoid hitting the soccer goal post at the same time. Brilliantly played OO- now go eat some Bojangles.

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