• When: 2019-07-30
  • QIC: Slate
  • The PAX: Hokie Pokie, Butterbean, Skunky, Milkman, Smithers, Lemon, Slate

Football Grinder

Conditions: no terrible for a July morning.

SSH IC x 20
TTT IC x 15
Imperial Walkers IC x 10

The Thang:
Count off into groups of 3. Mosey to the pull-up bars.

Begin with the grinder (1 pax at each end performing an exercise while the other is running between. Switch off each leg)

200 merkins with LBCs on the at the end of the cars
300 squats with Flutter Kicks at the end
100 pull-ups (crowd pleaser) with Freddie Mercurys at the end

Travel to the field and pick up some footballs on the way. Pair off into teams of two. Start on one end of the field. Advance the ball with successful throws and catches. 5 burpess to earn a throw. Travel the full field and back. (about 150 yards each way). The winning team received the right to say they won. Work was done by all.

Moleskin: Thankful for all the pax that came to workout today. Workouts are so much better with brothers at your side. Kudos to the pax who even added some burpees and pull-ups today to their Spartan Super from Saturday. Good to have Lemon join us after a long absence. Hoping you find the cure to that RAS.