• When: 2019-10-10
  • QIC: Toothpick
  • The PAX: Fire Daddy, Money Penny, Toe Tag, Toothpick

Fat Angie Sandwich with a Side of Curse Words

Four PAX chose to get better this morning at The Roost. The Q was battling some leg issues so running was off the menu. Unfortunately for all, the Fat Angie Sandwich wasn’t. A side of expletives were added for good measure. Good times…

Conditions: 57 degrees and perfect

Tha Thang: quick mosey (Q hobble) to the front parking lot for a quick warm up.

SSH x 20 IC

TTT x 20 IC

WM x 20 IC

LAC (F&B) x 10 IC

Fat Angie Sandwich:

25 burpees

100 pullups

100 situps

100 merkins

100 squats

25 burpees

Partner up for wall sit/bear crawl sequence: P1 wall sit while P2 bear crawls to end of parking row & back. Flip-flop x2. (cursing ensued)

On your 6 for ab sequence:

Freedom Twist x 25 IC

High Plank Hold-1:00

Freddie Mercuries x 25 IC

High Plank w/ Alternating Arm/Leg Raise-1:00

Partner up for Parking Spot Merkins:

Each PAX picks a long side of parking spot, starts with a merkin, sideways plank walk down the side line of spot, merkin at the other end, sideways plank walk back to opposite end. Rinse/repeat for total of 10 merkins. Real crowd-pleaser & shoulder killer (more cursing).

Mosey back to the flag for 3:00 of Mary;

Flutter kick sequence IC x25…hold 90 deg, hold 45 deg, spread ’em, 25 more IC x 25


Announcements: need a Q for Tuesday 10/15. Speedtrap comes to The Roost next Thursday 10/17. Let’s have a big crowd-Fire Daddy on the Q.

Prayer Requests: N/A

Devo: (from www.beresolute.org)

“Ransomed” Mark ch10 v45

Don’t let your ambition blind you. Have “selfless ambition” not “selfish ambition.” Good conversation/reminder of not letting things like social media drag you down.

Q Note: With a lot of work travel keeping YHC out of town lately, it was good to get back in the gloom with these guys. Roost regulars who push each other and also provide good mumble chatter. I was quickly reminded why I need this. Let’s reach out to those who’ve been MIA and remind them why they need it also…