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Every minute. On the minute.

3 members of #TheHerd welcomed the 0630 gloom at Jumanji this morning to workout for a minute at a time this AM. The temperature was a nice 75 degrees, but the humidity made it easy for #TheHerd to lather up a good sweat as we worked our way around F3’s new digs in West Columbia.

The Thang:
One Lap around the Big Loop

COP (or Triangle of Terror this AM with 3 pax posting)
Imperial Walkers x 20
Thru the Tunnel x 20
Lil’ Arm Circles F&B x 20
Windmills x 20
Reverse crunches x 20
SSH x 20
Squats x 20
Slo-Mo Merkins x 20
Flutter Kicks x 15

Mosey to ball field bleachers

Every Minute on the Minute (EMOTM)
Complete exercises in average of 50 seconds. Recover for 8-10 seconds. Rinse and Repeat. 10 minutes.

Sortie #1
10 bleacher jumps
15 dips
20 mountain climbers

Mosey to School Parking Lot

Sortie #2
Suicide sprint (size of basketball court gym wall to wall)
10 merkins

Mosey to Howard Park Playground

Tabata #1
Work = Big Boy Sit-ups
Rest = Flutter kicks

Tabata #2
Work = Squats
Rest = Hold in low squat position



BOM Led by Slim Jim

Moleskin: Great effort by the pax this AM. Back to back EMOTM’s with non-stop work was a good challenge that was meeted and greeted by #TheHerd. The sweat stains left on the sidewalk after the plank-o-rama would have met Quest’s standards! Well done, men.

Please continue to EH guys in West Columbia. Send email addresses of prospects to [email protected] T-claps to the pax that are helping build up Jumanji.


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