• When: 2019-01-17
  • QIC: Penthouse
  • The PAX: EZ, Arrears, JD, Laettner, Bumblebee, Fool's Gold, Pothole, Moose (knuckle), Blart, Milkman(R), Soft Toss(R), Chubbs, Devito, Stagecoach, Hostel, Jazz Hands, Phone Booth, Nutmeg, Buddy Love, Neck Brace, Penthouse(R)

Counting 1, 2, 3….7!!


A cool balmy 30 degrees with a hint of freezing (with some in shorts. A man’s man there). Thankfully Fool’s Good did his dance to prevent the rain from happening this morning.


Let me start by saying, it was great seeing the 21 Men of Depot represent for YHC’s second Q. Preparation for the workouts is a thing for me. What looked good in my mind and on paper wasn’t the case for a Depot boot camp. The mumble chatter was strong this AM and we had a the honor of having Stagecoach posting at Depot. A lot of EHing, EHing and more EHing to have him ITG. Glad you posted brother, JD and Blart thank you!!

After the intro of the Q and the disclaimer, the warm up began. I saw last month of one of the AOs in Illinois execute a SSH that looked off the chart and wanted to bring that flavor to the Pax of Depot. TClaps to @F3Naperville for the inspiration.

Warm up:

TTT x10 IC

LAC x10 IC (both directions)

OHC x12 IC

SSH – Chicago style x5 IC (Bunny Hop, no need to mention)

Slow mosey to the end of the Depot entrance ramp (x1), grab a block and back to the parking lot. Kettle bells were mentioned to bring as a substitute for the block, I guess I was the only one to see the memo. Next time I’ll send correspondence #MailBox.

The Thang 

As mentioned above, this looked good on paper but the end result was far from reality. #CountingByOnes #WhatAreWeDoing. The theme of this workout came from our own Fool’s Gold from a few weeks back. I wanted to share what the others missed out (it’s better in smaller numbers). Being it was a crowd pleaser that day and the soreness lingered for days, YHC felt the need to share this greatness. Here’s how it went down.

Ring of fire, roll the dice and do the exercise (this is where the counting begins).

We start at 25 count in cadence (unless it fell on merkins, all agreed) and end at 1 count.

  1. Squats w/block – IC
  2. Block Swings – IC
  3. Overhead Presses – IC
  4. Curls for the Girls – IC (Thanks Stagecoach)
  5. Merkins (1st in cadence and then OYO).
  6. Bent Over Rows – IC

During this exchange of counting, not counting, gave up counting or just did some sort of movement (mostly over head presses), the mumble chatter was at its highest and sorely has been missing lately in Depot. Once the counting and recounting was done, we had enough time to squeeze in some Mary. The Q picked random Pax for the end of this workout.


Penthouse – 20 BBSU OYO

NeckBrace – 15 Iron Crosses IC

Pothole – 10 American Hammers IC

Arrears – 15 Rosalita IC

Stagecoach – 3 Flutter Kicks (ask him on his abs) IC

Soft Toss – 20 LBCs IC

21 Pax did the harder thing and posted ITG for a cold start to their day. It was great to see some of the seasoned brothers this morning.

Anyone interested in the F3QSource, reach out to Sputnik for the details. They meet up at 0800 at the Chick Fil A on Saturdays.