• When: 2019-10-24
  • QIC: Enos
  • The PAX: Aim High, Fiji, Wild Blue, Loose Screw, Bones (really he posted & was early), Socrates, Hall Pass & YHC

Cool Morning in the Gloom at Seven Oaks Park

It was YHC turn again to Q the great group of men at Strut.  Word had leaked  on Twitter that the pax had better be ready to run.  When YHC rolled into Seven Oaks Park around 0515 the Weather Channel app said it was 43 degrees & was “good running weather”.  YHC did not want to disappoint since he felt some pax had made a special trip to the local running store for a new pair of shoes.  As YHC was waiting on the magical time to announce “1 minute”, out of no where Bones arrived – EARLY!  It was going to be a good day.

The Thang:

As the clock struck 0529, YHC announced “one minute” and the pax circled up for a quick prayer.  At 0530 YHC took off on a mosey towards the dark valley (fields) of our beloved Seven Oaks Park. It was at this point several of the pax announced this was Strut, not Swagger.  YHC zig-zaged through the planters around the concession stand just to see if the pax would follow suit, which they did.  We finally “stopped running” when we hit the end zone of the football field. And so the workout began:

Circle up

Through The Tunnel X 20 IC

Little arm circles X 10 in each direction IC

Imperial Walker X 20 IC

Windmill X 20 IC

Over Head Arm Claps X 20 IC

Hilly Billies X 20 IC

Merkins X 10 oyo

LBC X 20 IC, yes on the cool slightly damp grass

Line up at the goal line –

Broad Jump Burpess to the 25 yard line

Lunges to the 50 yard line

Sprint to the 25 yard line & then 10 merkins

Sprint to the end zone & then 10 squats

Sprint back to the opposite endzone

R&R, reducing by 1 merkin & squat each time.  Most pax completed 5 rotations

Mosey back to the parking lot for Mary

Each pax called out an exercise which we all completed, it’s an excellent way to keep the pax engaged to the end.

Announcements –

2nd F now has a Twitter handle @F3Locktite,follow for all of your 2nd F opportunities

10/26/19 – Go Leo Go,Saluda Shoals Park, St Andrews entrance, looking for runners, pushers, & volunteers to help with Speed For Need

11/17/19 – Thirst Thursday 6 pm at Tipsy Toad, 103 Beaufort St, Chapin

11/09/19 – Stage Coach’s M is looking for volunteers to run with kids at the Run Hard 5K at Columbiana Center

11/25/19 – Sleight Bell Stroll  at Saluda Shoals Park, walk under the Christmas lights

11/26/19 – Sleight Bell Trot at Saluda Shoals Park, run under the Christmas lights

01/11/20 – F3 Lake Murray post Christmas party, more information to come

Prayer Request –

FOB as he conquers the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC this weekend

Unspoken prayer request