• When: 2019-10-25
  • QIC: DoubleFault
  • The PAX: Rebar, PennyStock, SteelToe, Bubbles, Cheddar (r), Booster, DoubleFault, Watergate, OliveOil, FN3, Pinot, Casio

12 Pax Chase the Disc Under the Lights @F3Clash

It was a glorious morning for adult recess (aka F3Clash) under the lights at Riverland Hills Baptist Church.  We decided to go “old school” today and played Ultimate Frisbee.  Teams were evenly split, goals were pushed aside, cones were laid out and boundaries were enforced. It ended up being a high-scoring affair with the “good guys” (YHC’s team) running away with a convincing, albeit surprising, win over the other guys. Through it all, betterment was had.

Conditions: 50-something and just about perfect

The Thang – aka The Top 5

Unlike most days, there were not many memorable highlights today. Nothing stood out except for the lopsided score at the end of the day. Here are a couple of notable inclusions.

  1. Good Guys dominating performance – While you would think that any team consisting of Booster, Casio, Rebar, etc. would keep it close, the other team of “the good guys” absolutely dominated today. After taking a 5-point lead early on, they never looked back. However, that didn’t crush the spirits of those guys mentioned above and their teammates. In fact, they fought back and were even more determined to even up the score. In the end, turnovers remained their Achilles heel.
  2. Pinot’s defense – He was all over the place today and a major factor in the “good guys” prevailing. The kid has serious wheels and probably had a 97% success rate in passes defended today. But that’s what you get each and every week from Pinot.
  3. Booster vs. Cheddar – There were a few 50/50 throws that involved those two and (you guessed it) Booster always ended up with the interception or the catch.  Cheddar may now be 0-27 lifetime against Booster in 50/50 throws.  Maybe the accumulation of years is catching up to Cheddar or maybe it’s because Booster is a superior athlete. YHC leans toward both being true with a little of “it’s in Cheddar’s head” contributing to this lopsided rivalry. Still fun to watch and YHC still believes that Cheddar will turn it around – one of these days…
  4. Casio throwing dimes – Casio is wickedly accurate when he chucks the disc. There were a few throws that he put right on the money today and a couple of them ended up in the end zone. When forced to throw from the other side, well, let’s just say it’s akin to Barack Obama throwing out the 1st pitch on Opening Day. But all of that doesn’t really matter when you can chuck the disc down the field and put it wherever you want – all. day. long. Add some solid defending and quick feet – he’s a true baller.
  5. Pennystock’s footwear – Pennystock’s cleats separated from the shoe early on this morning. They might as well have been ballet slippers.  Even with a bad wheel, he remained effective and chased YHC for the rest of the morning. Time to put a new pair of shoes on the Christmas wish list …


  • Pepto’s birthday today!!!! Wish him well.
  • 10/26 – Go Leo Go 5k with Speed for Need Chairs.  See Thumbs Up if necessary
  • 11/16 – Cheech 10k, with Run Hard 5k and Lex Half
  • 12/14 – F3 Lexington Christmas Party
  • 12/24 – Nativity Ruck (Save the Date)
  • Next week we return to River Bluff High School for soccer – 0500 start

Prayer Requests

  • Booster’s co-worker (Jonathon) battling health issues
  • Shag – flu – prayers for quick healing
  • SteelToe’s co-worker’s son – tore ACL – plays DII football – prayers for recovery
  • Wapner – kidney stone procedure – prayers for recovery
  • Pocahontas – tore ACL/MCL playing mens league soccer – had surgery Wednesday – prayers for recovery


  • YHC wants to thank OliveOil and Cheddar for joining today for an early ruck before the game. Nothing like a ruck to get a few brothers to share 1st & 2nd F’s.  Enjoyed it, fellas!
  • Nice to have Bubbles visit. Great effort today!