• When: 2017-11-04
  • QIC: Urkel
  • The PAX: Boxwine, Rafter, Swampy, Loose Screw, FiJi, Pothole, Smokey, Divito, Beaker, Meatsweats, Stones, Flipper, Updike, A1A, Bud, and LunchLady

Convergence at HAVOC


Absolutely gorgeous moonlit morning for a non-traditional, yet humbling workout let by your slightly caffeinated Havoc Q: Urkel




Little Arm Circles (3 Count – 10 Reps Forward and Backwards)

Windmills (3 Count – 10 Reps)

Merkins (3 Count – 10 Reps)


Count off 1 to 4 and separate into groups led by Meatsweats, Bud, Urkel, and Flipper. Mosey down to the football stadium.

STATION 1 (ELEVENS): In the corner of football field, start at back of endzone.

-Burpies (x 10), then run up hill to fence

-Iron Cross (x 1) extending legs downhill at -45 degrees.

-Rinse and repeat as many as possible for 10 minutes.

STATION 2 (INCH WORMS): Start at other corner of endzone, run up steps towards visitor’s side and stop at the visitors bleachers to begin workout.

-Tricep Dips (x 20) at beginning of bleachers

-Inch worm to other side of bleachers.

-Tricep (x20) at end of bleachers

-Tricep (x 20) at beginning of 2nd row of bleachers

-Incwh worm from one side to the other

-Tricep Dips (x20) at end of bleachers

-Partner 1 – Jump ropes for 25 reps

-Partner 2 – Wall Squats

-Rinse and repeat for 10 minutes

STATION 3 (Lunge and Liesure): Start at the lower end of the visitor’s side steps/ramp

-Pull Ups on rail (x 25)

-Lunge walk up incline hill, run/jog back down steps

-Push Ups on rail or grass (x 25)

-Rinse and repeat for 10 minutes

STATION 4 (Abs of Steel): Start at corner of football field and rotate after each exercise

-LBC’s (3 Count – 15 Rep)

-Jog 100 yds to next corner

-Freddy Mercurys (3 Count – 15 Rep)

-Sprint 50 yds across endzone

-American Hammers (30 Rep)

-Jog 100 yds to next corner

-Flutter Kicks (3 Count – 15 Rep)

-Sprint 50 yds across endzone to starting point.

The Cool Down:

-Various Ab exercises with Side Straddle Hops by Beaker to end the insanity.


-Oliver Gospel Mission: All PAX bring in as many 7.25oz Craft Mac-N-Cheese boxes as possible to your AO’s.  Will gather all together before the 11th to take down to OGM.

-Cheech Memorial 10K – 11/11/17 7:30am to 12:00pm

-Grow Ruck – January 26-28 2018

-F3 Lake Murray Region Christmas Party – 12/2/17 – $13 per person (2 Apps & 2 Desserts per AO)

-Sleigh Bell Stroll / Trot – 11/20 and 11/21