• When: 2018-12-04
  • QIC: Sir Topham Hatt
  • The PAX: Hostel, Phonebooth, Moose, Fools Gold, Laettner, Bout Time, Lumberg, Bellhop, Turkey Burger, Neck Brace, EZ, Blow

CLIMB aboard the Depot Train

14 Pax avoid the fart sack and learn a new exercise and routine, well, except the 3 runners, they just….ran…for 35 minutes, and then left, except my boy FG.


40, no wind.


SSH (15x) IC

TTT (15x) IC

Hillbilly (10x) IC

The Thang:

Pax remain in circle and are introduced to CLIMB.

C:  Crab cake (crab walk position, raise right hand and left knee to meet, then vice versa,…), L:  Lunge, I:  Iron Cross, M:  Mtn climber, B:  Burpee.

Start with 5x of each, wait on the 6.

Repeat with 10x of each, then repeat with 15x of each.

Mosey to the top of the hill for 16’s (modified 11’s):

6x Big boys at the top, run to the bottom and do 10x merkins, run backwards back to the top, add one BB, subtract 1 Merk until you’re at 10x BB and 6x Merk

Form 2 lines, one line was 1’s, other was 2’s.  2’s grab a block and head to the playground, 1’s head straight to the playground.

Modified Cindy:  1’s do pullups (10x), squats (10x), BB’s (10x), 2’s do over head should press (10x), squat with the block (10x), squat thrusters (10x), 1’s and 2’s switch places and alt exercises.  10 count break and then rinse repeat both sets of exercises.

1’s return blocks to block pile and head to the parking lot, 2’s head straight to the parking lot.

Run to the bottom of the hill and do 10x big boys, then return to parking lot.  Run to the bottom of the hill and do 10x burpees in honor of December 1000x burpee challenge, then return to parking lot.


Circle of pain, Pax chose a workout as we went around the circle, 3 Pax worth.


Lumby has the Q on Thursday, get ready for the dance party.