• When: 12/02/14
  • QIC: Magoo
  • The PAX: Plan B, Queenie, Rust, Scotchguard, Moonshine, Pony, Diesel, FNG Butterbean

Can’t ignore this hill any longer

Post GORUCK and Thanksgiving holiday hangover is lifting from Foxhole AO as 9 men emerged into the early not too chilly gloom to better themselves and enjoy a trip up/down one of the many hills around the AO.  The hill in question, directly bordering one side of the parking lot, provided a particularly steep and wet challenge for the pax.

Condtions 42 and gloomy

The Thang:

Warmup (all 4 ct. IC)  20 SSH, 20 Imperial Walkers, 40 Overhead Arm Clap, 20 Thru the tunnel, 20 Cherry Pickers, 30 Calf Raises

Next was The Hill and a little GORUCK love thrown in there as well.

Bear Crawl up hill 10 merkins on the incline at the top then reverse the crawl back down.  Descending pyramid of 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 merkins at the top of the hill.

20 Merkins OYO

Sprint to top of hill 10,8,6,4,2 merkin pyramid as before. Good long 30 second count was needed here.

Next was Cadre Geoff GORUCK love reverse crab walk up the hill.  Even without the ruck on this was just plain hard and tiring on the arms.  #crowdpleaser


Enough of the hill, mosey to cinder block pile and everyone take one and circle up.

Alternating merkins one hand on ground then switch to other side on YHC call, took a while for everyone to remember to do this as a group and not anticipate the call. (Arms starting to feel numb at this point.

Hold blocks overhead 2 minutes while I allowed the Clemson fans Queenie and Plan B to go ahead and gloat about their win.

50 Monkey Humpers – with GORUCK official technique demonstrated #crowdpleasernumber2


Manmakers AMRAP 5 minutes most pax got to 7-9 reps and quick mosey back to Shovel flag.



Welcome FNG Brad Gainey  – now officially Butterbean to #Foxhole – twitter @gaineybm

He works in a bank as an auditor – bean counter – pinto bean – butterbean


BIRCH Christmas party 12/11 at 6:30 pm  M’s and 2.0s welcome. Contact Uno @luke_boatright for more info and to sign up to bring food if you didn’t receive the email a few weeks ago.

Families Helping Families Donations this week bring money to AO Q’s or paypal donation to [email protected]  Select friends and family to avoid fees.


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