• When: 10/18/14
  • QIC: The Crapper (VQ)/Blindside
  • The PAX: The Crapper, Blindside, Ranger, Knows it, Shank, BlackOut, Rash, Softtail, Giggles, No Help, No Show, Dunphy, Pavarotti, Utah, Netflix, Bullwinkle, Tumbler, Potluck, Hanging Chad, Cream Cheese, Weekend Special, Bulldog, Clipboard, Field Goal

“Animal Style” Beat Down!!


Conditions: There was a little chill in the air with 100% chance of PAIN.

The Thang: 24 PAX gathered to see what these “Big Fellers” had in store for them. There were several comments made about the excessive cardio taking place from two linemen. We reassured the PAX that we were “hybrid” linemen (aka D-ends) as to clear up any confusion. The “Super” Stridesdales lead the PAX in running over 1,700+ yards in the chilly gloom. During workout if the any of the football’s hit the ground that PAX was required to do 10 Burpees…. There were a few done! The workout finished off with a warped and demented game of catch, but you BETTER NOT DROP IT!!!!

“The Next Exercise is ________”
“Starting position…Move!”
“In cadence…Exercise!”

1. Warning (Disclaimer)
2. Circle up for prayer
3. Jog to the upper grass field
4. Jog around the field
5. Circle up for warm up
6. SSH – 20
7. Tunnel –20
8. Imperial Walker – 20
9. Arm Circles – 10 front/10 back
10. Head to the End Zone
11. Sprint 50 yards
12. 25 LBC
13. Sprint 50 yards
14. Plank
15. Duck walk 25 yards
16. Sprint 25 yards
17. Duck Walk 25 yards
18. Sprint to End zone
19. Plank till all is done
20. Rinse and repeat
21. Bear Crawl 25
22. Sprint 25 yards
23. Bear Crawl 25 yards
24. Sprint to end zone
25. Rinse and repeat
26. Pair up – DB drill – first man back pedals then at the 25 yard line the other man starts running toward him – when they meet the person back pedaling flips their hips and runs with the other to the end zone. Switch men and raise and repeat DB Drill, Switch men Rinse and repeat (right side shuffle), Switch men Rinse and repeat(right side shuffle), Switch men Rinse and repeat (left side shuffle), Switch men Rinse and repeat (left side shuffle).
27. At the end zone
28. 10 merkans
29. Sprint 50 yards
30. 10 LBC
31. Sprint 50 yards
32. 10 Carolina Dry Docks – CDD
33. Plank till all is done
34. Sprint 50 yards
35. 10 LBC
36. Sprint 50 yards
37. 10 Carolina Dry Docks – CDD
38. Rinse and Repeat
39. 7 man Sled – Butt rolls going right and left
40. Plank once done
41. Follow the leader Z pattern cone run to other end zone
42. Spilt up into 2 group
43. Play catch – 15 yard out patterns and 15 yard button hooks – any dropped balls the whole group has 5 burpees…. (Over 150+ Merkans done…..)
44. Head back to the Flag
45. Count off
46. Name/age/Call sign
47. Prayer
48. Devo

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