• When: 2017-08-17
  • QIC: Scarlet
  • The PAX: Smokey, Loose screw, Convoy, Sharknado, Lockbox, Stones, Cavity, Pebbles, Dracula, Fiji, Sand Dollar, The Don, FOB, Enos, Hoser, Scarlet

A Scarlet Fairwell

Posted on behalf of Scarlet:


Conditions: Early, humid, 80ish, partly cloudy with damp fields

Started with a good Rock Pile led by Fiji about renewing our minds. Sharknado still wins the best-seat- in-the- house award with his reclining lawn chair.

The Beat Down began early at 5:29 with a prayer and disclaimer, we then mozzied to the grassy patch close to the chin-up bars.
The theme was my age of 22. Thusly:
22 Side Straddle Hops-IC
22 Little Baby Arm Circles-IC
22 Imperial Walkers-IC
22 Windmills-IC
22 seconds of Low, left, right, and high planks

We recovered and mozzied to the football field and grabbed a partner.
2 man teams made a wheelbarrow and went on down to the first bleachers where they then played leapfrog till the mid way point. We then switched roles on the wheelbarrow and proceeded to the other bleachers then played leap frog till the end zone.

On the way back we bear-crawled to the bleachers, skipped to the midway point and repeated down the second half of the field.
We planked on 6 then mozzied up to the upper parking lot for running.
Sprint down
Karaoke back
Fireman Carry down halfway then switched with partner for the other half.
(I later found out that what I did was not a fireman’s carry but rather a really-hard- and-straining-on-both-you-and-your- partner carry.)
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We mozzied down to the first baseball field to run the bases.
We divided into 4 groups of 4 to cover the bases then as we ran we did sets at each base. We ran to a base and did 5 mericas, ran to the next base and did 5 burpees, ran to the next base and did 5 Big Boy Situps, we ran to the next base and did 5 side strolled hops. We rinsed and repeated for 3 rotations. During this time the paxs swiped the Q’s schedule.

Seeing that we still had time left and no more planned exercises left, I decided to introduce the crew to a 4-point merican.
1st point incline merican,
2nd point: 90 degrees right regular merican,
3rd point: 90 degrees right decline merican,
4th point: 90 degrees right regular merican.
While I encouraged the fellow packs to join me for 5 sets, other packs decided to rise-up and rebel against me, the War-Baby.
We ended the time with a dealers choice and Indian-Run back.
During the COT the Q needed help to figure out how to use voice memos on his
phone (it ends up if you delete the app you can’t find it on your phone. )
It was the War Babies first solo Q.


Some members of Strut are planning to represent at the Laurens SC plant last weekend of August and first weekend of September.
Men N Ministry – Contact Smoky with questions: http://mennministrysc.org (except this is no longer relevant because Pebbles took too long to post the backblast 🙂


// END

Scarlet will be missed as he heads off to the next phase of life. Both his young exuberance, and even younger shorts. We threw him a fairwell dinner — along with the celebration of Loose Screw’s 60th birthday — Thursday night, at which at least 12 pax were present, plus a Double-M (Mrs. & Mommy). The pax sent him off with a signed wienke from his fairwell Q and a little green to keep him going. Fairwell friend, I guess YHC is back to being the war baby. See you in the gloom.