• When: 2017-07-20
  • QIC: Depends
  • The PAX: Depends, Plan B, Shakespeare, Maury, Perdue, TT, Meter Maid, and El Guapo

A House of Cards

Operator Error: The template is not placing the date, Q and pax into template PAX: Depends, Plan B, Shakespeare, Maury, Perdue, TT, Meter Maid, and El Guapo

When you fly into CAE to Q you basically make it up on the runway. In this case, YHC is now living in two cities, the 29212 and Richmond, VA. I’ll be in the later for five weeks for an interim work assignment and yes, have connected with F3RVA – that’s local speak.

It was humid and a skill saw would not have cut it.

Warm up

SSH 15

TTH 15

IW 15

LAC forward and reverse 15

Mosey to the block pile and everyone get a big boy block. At the middle of field was a red glow stick i.e. Runway lights. A game of blocks and cards – take a 52 deck of cards and begin. Each pax pulls a card to start and what you drew is what you dew. A three same card draw rule strictly enforced

Ace – wild card you can either award someone an exercise or take the slurpee burpee challenge – then draw again.
2 – ssh
3 – merkins
4 – step ups / single count – use block
5 – flutter kicks
6 – incline merkins – use block
7 – chest press – use block
8 – pull ups
9 – squats – use block
10 – decline merkins – use block
Jack – overhead press
Queen – bbsups
King – curls for gurls -use block

25 of each exercise – upon completion run to midfield and back draw another card and rinse and repeat. You can only draw the same number/face card three times. Objective is to do as many reps of exercise as possible. Yes, it sucked.

Back to shovel for COT

First fathers Friday next week

FIA/F3 Family event July 29

Thirsty Thursday at Liberty tonight

Prayers for Neckbrace for loss of family

As Motel 6 says, the light is on so if you are moseying thru Richmond in the next few weeks, I have a place you can hang out. I’ll be at Riverside on the James downtown. I’ll miss my F3 brothers and look forward in meeting new brothers in the commonwealth. That’s their fancy word for state!

Till we meet again!