• When: 2018-07-05
  • QIC: Socrates
  • The PAX: Tuff Guy, AlterBoy, Loose Screw, Convoy, Ken Doll, Muggy Tape, Smokey, Gravedigger, Sharknado, Enos, Dunphy, Wild Blue, and Socrates

3rd Thursday (in a row Q for YHC)

Conditions: 74 degrees, 99% humidity, dew point of 74 degrees, Low UV index, and an unhealthy air quality (per the Weather Channel).  Executive summary:  its hots and we should all still be in bed.

For the third Thursday in a row, YHC Q’ed – this is an effort to catch up on my Q’s due to absence from the gloom.  First Q was the Blackbeard’s Revenge down in F3 Grand Strand, with the next two at YHC’s beloved F3Strut.

7 PAX gathered at 0500 for Rockpile and a great discussion from Wild Blue.

Rockpile broke YHC noted the presence of the F3Midlands Tour in the parking lot (Tuff Guy’s large truck was the give away).  YHC realizes this band of #HIMs truly exemplify what is right with F3.  All3 Fs can be seen in these guys.  They push themselves and others to get better.  They work not only inside F3 but beyond.  All this, and they also make Twitter a fun place to be.  So, YHC felt the pressure of their presence and realized the bar was high for a quaility Q……..and YHC responds so well to pressure……

Regardless, the PAX posted this morning for any of a multitude of reasons:  Ate/drank too much the day before whilst celebrating the birth of America (me) or were up too late the night before whilst celebrating the birth of America (also me), but were all present to get better.

For today’s musical selection for the readers’ enjoyment while you read, YHC goes back to the 1990, with one of the few really thrash bands YHC enjoys, Anthrax, and their remake of Joe Jackson’s “Got the Time.” For a lot of us, the lyrics ring true:

“Wake up, got another day to get,
Through now, got another man to see
Gotta call him on the telephone ay-o
Gotta find a piece of paper
Sit down, got another letter to write,
Think hard, gotta get a letter just right
Little ringin’ on the telephone oh no,
Gotta write another letter
No such thing as tomorrow….”

The one minute warning was sounded and disclaimer given, opening prayer offered and off we moseyed into the Strut gloom, making our way to the open area behind the baseball field, to the what we would learn is damp grass for COP:

  • 15 TTTs (IC)
  • 15 Windmills (IC)
  • 15 SSHs (IC)
  • 15 PlankJack (IC)
  • 15 Mountain Climbers (IC)
  • 15 LBCs (IC).

Mosey to the open area in the woods – taking the road most often taken to get there, circle up for some more COP:

  • 15 Squats (IC)
  • 15 Imperial Squalkers (IC)
  • 10 Lunges (each leg)(OYO)
  • 10 Exlposive Squats (OYO)
  • 10 Lunges (each leg)(OYO).

Mosey to the RockPile and grab a rock for a little more COP:

  • 15 Curls for Jeff Gordan (aka Curls for the Girls – see what I did there) (IC)
  • 15 Military Presses (IC)
  • 15 Tricep extensions (IC).

Partner up, keep one rock per group and mosey to the soccer pitch for The Thang:

Line up on the goal line of one of the soccer fields:

Partner 1 (“P1”) will run from one goal line to the far goal line and run back, all the while Partner 2 (“P2”) will perform the exercise, flip flop until the total number of exercises are reached:

  • 100 squats
  • 200 curls
  • 300 shoulder presses
  • 400 LBCs

Somewhere in here the sound of a siren could be heard, so YHC called an audible of 10 burpees OYO in honor of first responders, which lead us to not being able to get all the way through the last set.

Slow mosey back to the RockPile, return rocks, and mosey a little further, circle up for Mary:

  • 50 LBC (IC)
  • 15 Freddie Mercurys (IC)
  • 15 Ray Charles (IC).

Mosey back toward the parking lot, jail break to the SF (see Note 1) once you hit the pavement.

Note 1:  Its worth noting that at the beginning the aformentioned workout, the PAX were relying on a VSF (virtual shovel flag) due to the absence of the actual flag.  During the aformentioned workout, the flag returned, and greeted our sweaty faces upon our return.

With our hearts warmed by the appearance of the StrutFlag, we gathered for COT, BOM, and closing prayer.

Naked Moleskin:  Thanks again to the #F3MidlandsTour for joining us this morning. Great to see some guys I haven’t seen in a while.  Their presence is also a reminder of the fact how great it is to get out and visit other AOs, especially being summer, which gives some of us a little more time.  Do this, too, when you travel, check out F3 and see if it is where you will be and try to post.  T-Claps to Wild Blue for a great #RockPile discussion this morning, too.  Ask yourself, why are you here, what is your purpose, how are you serving God and leading by example.


  • Praises for Smokey’s surviving a recent close call with a vehicle while running.
  • Prayers for Aim High’s M
  • Prayers for Fiji – knee
  • Prayers for Fiji’s M
  • Prayers for Sand Dollar – neck
  • Prayers for Unspoken prayers
  • Prayers for Unrealized prayers
  • Prayers for Injured PAX