• When: 11/11/2014
  • QIC: PYT
  • The PAX: Forgot to hit the record button on the phone but you know who you are. Sorry


29 Faithful PAX’s arrived at Graveyard probably expecting the usual PYT workout.  That usually involves Merkins, Merkins, and more Merkins.  After a visit to The Mother-ship this weekend myself (PYT) and Clipboard had the opportunity to see where F3 all started.  And to our surprise they had a fun filled morning of suck planned.  Soooooo…………. i just brought some of that back with me.

Mosey down to field


SSH x 20 IC

TTT x 20 IC

LBS’s x 20 IC

Merkins x 20 IC

Line up along stadium wall

Wall Climbers x 20 IC (like mountain climbers but with feet on the wall)

People’s Chair

Chasing the Rabbit x 20 IC (mountain climbers but knees outside of elbows)

Merkins x 10 My count

The Thang

Line up on goal line for some light wind sprints!!!!!!

200 yard wind sprints as hard as you can go. (5 sec. rest between rounds)

Rinse and repeat 5x

Merkins x 10 my count

Fludder Kicks x 50 IC

Back on goal line

200 yards sprints x 5

Lunge to 50

Bear Crawl back to goal line with 10 merkins every 10 yards

Last but certainly not least………………….

You guessed it final 400 yards of wind sprints

Mosey Back to top of stadium


I want to thank all the guys for giving it 100% this am.  If you didn’t like the 2400 yards wind sprints…….well……..i dont really care.  LOL.  The only way to get better and be better is to push yourselves beyond your limits.  You guys did that and i am proud you made it through,nobody quite and no one died so i would say the workout was a success.  Special thanks to Curious George and Pale Rider our newest F3 brothers.  Great work men.  We want to wish Pale Rider the best of luck as he prepares to launch the newest AO location in North Augusta in a few weeks.  Push yourselves every day men and change will happen.  Thanks for letting me be your Q and smoking your A$$.  I enjoy it more than you think.

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  1. I was hoping to put together a Muthaship convoy one Saturday from ALL OF F3 Lake Murray. Jan. surprise visit-convergence!

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