• When: 2018-12-21
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX: Olive Oil, Pothole, Bonsai, Chop Block, Ryans, Pepto, Pinot, Shag, Lapdog, Black Lung, Steel Toe, Sweet Spot (FNG), Cup Check (FNG), Booster

2 year anniversary at Clash

Ok Clashians- lets make a pact to start writing backblast….and have someone sign up to Q weekly. I’ll start with a backblast.

Conditions- 60 with rain on and off and a wet field

Two year anniversary for Clash! Pretty neat that an AO that specializes in sports spread out over two regions has flourished into a weekly gathering of 4-28 men to play some sort of sport related activity-predominantly futbol, frisbee, or froccer.

Today it was froccer and 14 PAXs including 2 FNGs showed up to toss the disc around a bit. In true Clash backblast writing fashion, I will highlight the top 5 events of the morning.

  1. Upon arrival, the PAX were surrounded by blue lights, blocking the parking lot, blocking Lake Murray Blvd., etc…nobody ever found out what happen or who they were looking for, but they never told us to stop playing so we just went with it.
  2. Pothole had the goal of the game and probably the year- with a head first diving alley-oop type of score into the goal with the steel pipe crossbar to the kidney to brace his fall.
  3. The wind was rough- boomerang style throws into the wind, 100 yard throws with the wind. Bonsai and Chop Block were the only PAX able to consistently pierce the wind with their high-spin rate disc tosses.
  4. Speaking of Chop Block- this guy is an animal. An offensive juggernaut. People can’t guard him.
  5. The field was wet. Multiple slides/falls. None better than Shags. How would you feel if within 5 minutes of getting out of bed you are laying in a cold puddle of muddy water with the frisbee nowhere to be seen….good times. Ha.




Andrew Right- junior at Anderson- went to Irmo HS- does some golf coaching and some other stuff I don’t remember… Sweet Spot

Lucas White (Lucas left early to go to work so Sweet Spot shared his information)- senior at Charleston Southern- works at a landscaping company- played baseball in HS- coaching some baseball- going to get into education/coaching…. Cup Check (baseball and the fact he wasn’t there to protect himself)


Prayer requests:

Booster grandmother

Olive Oil baby #2 in July

The Wells family

Christmas travel