• When: 12/12/14
  • QIC: No Help
  • The PAX: Quest, Dunphy, Forest, Nightmare, Netflix, Weekend Special, House, Itchy, Shake and Bake, Spackle, Hedges, Fracture, Hopper, Whisper, Utah, Magoo (Magoo was our .1, he did do a few merkins w/ Whisper and got up a 3am to watch cartoons), No Help

16.1 pax post to conquer the frozen #Reaper

16.1 pax stepped out into the frosty gloom to conquer the frozen #Reaper.


Once YHC stepped outside he could immediately tell that he was once again rocking the baby face, there was no facial hair to block the cold from his face anymore.  That just meant that he would have to run through the #Reaper faster to get warmed up faster, makes sense right?  Maybe…just maybe, going to the #Reaper helps grow facial hair back faster???  Anyways the pax took on the modified edition of the stadium this morning due to the press box steps having a nice thin layer of frostiness on them.

Weather: 28° and frosty

The Thang:

Start on left side of field in the end zone – 21 Big boy sit ups

Sprint to the 50 yd line – 21 merkins

Sprint to opposite end zone – 21 Big boy sit ups

Go up stairs to the mezzanine – 21 merkins

Sprint down toward stairs leading to original end zone – 21 deep squats

Go down stairs, go to right side of the field in the end zone – 21 Big boy sit ups

Sprint to the 50 yd line – 21 merkins

Sprint to opposite end zone – 21 Big boy sit ups

Run out the back gate, turn right by the tennis courts, up the hill and back to the starting point.

All of that is one lap, rinse and repeat adding one rep to each exercise each lap.

Point system, 20 points per round completed (half round counted when one side is complete), 1 point for every 2 pounds carried.

The results for todays #Reaper are posted here

#Undertaker – Fracture

#ViceUndertaker – Nightmare and No Help

Most Weight – Fracture

Most laps – Nightmare and No Help



Lexington Christmas party Dec 19 at the Country Club of Lexington, wear jorts and tank top (jk), HC with Ken Doll

Arthritis Foundation 5k 12/13 @ Moore Orthopedic starts @ 9:10 AM, late sign up starts @ 8AM

Birthday Party drop in for Walker @ Lexington Baptist 10:30AM (unsure of exact location at Lexington Baptist)


Keep Voltron’s family in your prayers – father passed away

Forest’s friend’s wife – diagnosed with cancer, placed into hospice care

Weekend Special’s friend – blood clot in left side of brain, surgery today

Injured F3 brothers

Continued prayer for Walker and Nailpops family

Also to note, running through the #Reaper could not conquer YHC’s Asian genes and make facial hair grow back any faster…

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