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You Call THIS a Party?

35 faithful wandered into the gloom on a cool september morn, and found out what happens when the Supreme Leader plans his own birthday party…it will involve PAIN. and a lot of sports heroes of YHC’s youth, but no Rodman…and the number 34.  a lot.


61F and 65% humidity…it was not thick, it was not thin, it was just right…just like the supreme leader likes it…

The Thang:

Warm up lap around the school to the lower field.


“Nolan Ryan aint even tryin and already got the fastball flyin-SSH’s” 4 count IC-34x

“Herschel Walker’s idea of a good time in the morning doesn’t involve twerkin, he likes merkin” -4 count IC-17x (which is 34)

“Herschel don’t like to get up without some big boy sit ups”-2 Count IC-17x

“Hakeem the Dream, from phi slamma jamma, hates low doorway head bumps but loves some squat jumps”-2 count IC 17X

Repeat-o the herschel’s and the hakeems…17+17=34 totals…do some in the pax start to notice a pattern? nah…

“Bo Jackson, Walter Payton, and Earl Campbell all knew how to ramble, karaokes and burpees, and sprints ands backpedals, OIlers, and Tigers, and Bears oh my!”

line up on the side line- karaoke across and back-10 burpees

karaoke across and back- 9 burpees

back pedal to the hash, and sprint to the end-8 burpees

sprint back 7 burpees

10+9+8+7=….34 (this will come up again)

“Shaquille O’Neal, the man of Steel, went on a championship tear when he moved to Hollywood Squares”

Incline Merkins-4 count IC-10x

Dips – 4 Count IC-10x

Incline Merkins – 4 count IC- 10x

Box Jumps  4x


Mosey to the Brickpile

“Sir Charles, the round mound of rebound, would like you to get down in Cola-Town”

Curls for the girls-10x

overhead press-10x

bench press-10x

big boy sit ups-10x

repeat-o 9x, 8x, 7x…this is 34…

off set merkins- 1 hand on the block-17x switcharoo-17x: someone in the pax wonders aloud in the gloom, under the soft glow of a full moon, “..is 17 when Kim Jung made his first mistake? ” and Small-Mouth (brother of resident big mouth robber) says “i’ve known him a lot longer than that. He made plenty by then!”  and then Cheesy let the PAX know that this was YHC’s 34th Bday.

17 +17=34

Pick up your block and mosey to grass between the fields for a little

“Bo Jackson wants some extra hip action, son, take it from me-side burpees”

this is a new one-drop from standing and send your legs out to the left, and back in, jump up for 1-17x

repeat-o to the right 17x (17+17=34)

some definite mumble chatter here, definitely feeling it in the hip areas…

“still got wind in them lungs-well how bout some more Herschel to get you done”

34 merkins/ 34 big boy sit ups

Bring them blocks back to the pile, and muster the Pax for the COT.

Notes and announcements:

Prayers continue for Robber and Small Mouth’s family as their mother enters another battle with cancer. Lift them all up.

Governors cup:  sign up.  come running.  even if you are afraid of being slow…don’t be. I’m slow. i’m doing it. i ain’t afraid….except when i get lost in the scary neighborhoods that chaser and subprime lead me into…like lake Katherine…

Palmetto 200: it’s another run.  team. march 28-29, 2014.  that’s right around carolina cup weekend…if you like horse racing..if you dont, you could run with the F3 guys to charleston.  read the pre blast. could be a great time for all skill levels

Mud Run: if you want to be on the standby, contact chaser or sway.

Spring Mud Run: registration will open in november, sway wants you to start looking at your F3 brothers for guys to be teammates with.  He has made claims to the Charlotte fellas that “we” (thats the royal “we”) are bringing the busted paw to columbia. that’s the trophy for best time amongst F3ers

The Walk for Life registration is open on their website. we don’t have a specific team for this race registered, but Costanza and his M. and i and my M. are registered thru the team “Cancer Crushers” and we’d love to have you.  there is a 10k and a 5k race, as well as the walk which is perfect for the whole family.  Robber is also in for the 10k. the date is october 5th, might be a double down opportunity, and it is a home game against Kentucky, but i’ve never missed a kickoff (or a tailgate…) in the 5 years we’ve done it, so…sign up for that, too. wear the blue shirt to that one.

There might be some room left in the Bible study at TB’s house. 20$ for materials, Joe Gibbs based study.

Thanks men for allowing me to Q this morning and all the birthday wishes.  this was the closest i’ve come to throwing up at a b’day party in 13 years…  This is what F3 is all about, and I appreciate the comraderie and encouragement and inclusion that this brings to us all.

see you in the gloom! KJ





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  1. nice job this morning and great backblast…i tried to do the slide show thing and could not make it work as well… Robber? Chaser? Sway? anyone been successful with that option?

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