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  • QIC: Splinter and Chaser
  • The PAX: 

WOW for Jan 15 – 20

The four main roles of an F3 workout are the Q, sweeper, point, and mumblechatter.  Before we lead the Q school a couple of weeks ago YHC really new what 1 of these 4 really was: mumblechatter (aka Robber, Betamax, Paperboy, Kim Jung, etc.).  The mumblechatter pax is a must at every workout.  He’s the one that keeps things light and helps his fellow pax to forget the pain.  The other 3 I had either forgotten they existed or what they really were designed to do.  Since the lexicon is short on details, YHC will give his 2 cents on them.

The sweeper: this is the pax that is making sure the six is not left behind.  F3 workouts are designed to be challenging.  They also are designed to be welcoming.  If we get an FNG and leave him a block behind for his first 2 posts,  what is he going to do?  Probably start remembering the joys of the fartsack, never to be seen again.  The sweeper is a critical part of every workout.  We never leave a man behind.

The point: this pax is someone the Q knows they can count on to push the workout.  The point is almost the opposite of the sweeper.  For example, the Q says to run to the next intersection, do 10 burpees then hold plank, but the Q needs to hold back to make sure everyone knows what to do.  Who is the pax that leads the men to the next intersection and make sure the work gets done?  The point.  It’s not the Q’s job to lead the pace.  This is where the point comes in.

The Q: to talk about the Q is, let’s first talk about what a Q isn’t.  A Q isn’t about the Q’s workout.  The Q isn’t there to show off. The Q is there for his fellow pax.  He’s there to make sure the point to the six are getting some good work in.  The Q is the manager of the workout. He focuses on the pax, the sweeper, the point and the mumblechatter.

WOW: this weeks WOW comes last Thursday’s Hammer Duet from the Reynolds brothers.  YHC had the pleasure of attending and it didn’t disappoint.

THE THANG: From COT run Briarwood to Satchel Ford to the bus loop.

Chaser: 10 merkins, chest to the ground on “down”, full extension on “up”.

Splinter: 4 “broke up” burpees OYO (2 merkins at the bottom, 2 half burpees, two squats, two squat jumps = 1)

Chaser: 5 Gasers in the bus loop (50 yards down, 50 yards back). 20 seconds rest in between.

Splinter: To the playground, 10 dead hang pull-ups on call of “down” and “up”, 5 pull-ups OYO

Chaser: To the basketball court…10 #FrankMartins (basketball defense stance with but down, slide from one side of court to the other, staying down, and back = 1)

Splinter: 20 hand slide sit-ups, 20 reverse crunches, 20 double-leg flutters

Chaser: To the playground, partner up. Each pair complete 40 total decline merkins, 40 total pull-ups, 40 total burps. One partner works at a time. Non-working partner watches for form.

Splinter: To Shannon Springs, bottom of hill to the top 10 to 5 ladder of merkins at the bottom, squats at the top. Everyone watch for good reps.

Chaser: To the bus loop, 4 Gasers. 20 seconds rest in between.

Mosey up Satchel Ford to Briarwood to COT.

The Goods: The first two exercises were great.  The “up/down” merkins are a great way to slow the pax down and make sure the form is top notch.  Also the 4 “broke up” burpees were brutal.  Also the #FrankMartins had many pax (including Chaser) a little woozy at the end #crowdpleasure.   Really the exercises were on point throughout the workout.

Well done fellas.