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WOW for 11/20-11/25

WOW: This weeks WOW is courtesy of Misfire, Splinter, RA, and Garnish at last weeks Thanksgiving convergence.

The Thang

COP – Misfire

  • 25 SSH IC
  • 15 merkins IC
  • 25 squats IC
  • 30 Russian twists IC

1st ~15 min Q – Splinter (upper body)

Run (not mosey) swiftly to the back area with the football equipment. Commence unyielding shoulder and chest destruction.

  • 30 merkins
  • 25 inverted row on the cage
  • 20 bottom ½ burpees
  • 15 diamond merkins
  • 10 burpees


Rinse and repeat #areyoukiddingme?

Arms circles and raise the roof while waiting on the 6

2nd ~ 15 mins Q – RA (lower body)

Combination of mosey and Indian run down past teacher parking lot to Millwood. R turn on Millwood. R turn on Daly. Begin total leg workover.

  • 10 jump squats
  • 10 Bulgarian explosive split squats each leg
  • 10 air chair slides each direction
  • 10 broad jump

Rinse and repeat

Mosey down Daly and R onto Kline

Rinse and repeat leg circuit

3rd ~ 15 min Q – Garnish (cardio/running)

Indian run down Kline, L on Maiden, R on Murray, L on Adger, L on Berkeley and down to waaaay bottom of the hill. Engage in one of Garnish’s favorites – hill suicides, this time with a partner.

  • P1 – Berkeley hill suicide with transitions at 1st driveway on L, 2nd driveway on L, and top of hill
  • P2 – AMRAP flutter kicks
  • Flap jack
  • P1 – same hill suicide
  • P2 – AMRAP LBCs
  • Flap jack

1 more hill suicide for everyone for good measure

4th ~ 15 min Q – Misfire (abs/core/torture/etc)

Go down Adger hill to 1st driveway on L

  • Feet 1st crab walk up hill (~ 40 yards) #crowdpleaser
  • 25 big boy sit-ups
  • mosey back down the hill
  • backwards/reverse (feet 1st) bear crawl up hill
  • 25 big boy sit-ups
  • mosey back down hill
  • burpee broad jump up hill
  • 25 big boy sit-ups

The goods: These boys put up a slaughter that would make any grown man sore.  We know what to expect from this group, and they definitely delivered.