• When: 2018-08-21
  • QIC: Boris
  • The PAX: DriveBy, Huffy, WelcomeWeek, OC, Lloyd, Pinkman, Commodore, Spanky, Seeker, Oscar, Insanity, Adrian, Jenny

We all Love our Mother-in-law Workout

14 Hard working PAX showed up to Thunder for my Q this morning. Great to see Pinkman.


Did something different this morning instead of me leading the group in a circle I had the alphabet listed with exercises/number you do. I asked the PAX to spell there beloved mother-in-laws name. Based on the complaining Burpee seem to be the exercise that was in everyone’s name.

The Thang

Mosey over to Emily’s Underpants for a little work at the outdoor theater. PAX lined up at the bottom.

Start at the bottom with 5 Merkins increase by 5 on each level until you reach the top. Top level 30 Merkins

Same as above this time Burpees 10 at the bottom add 5 each level until you get to the top.

Next LBC’s 15 at the bottom add 5 until the top.

Mosey back the Hand field for the next session.

PAX line up have 5 cones across the field for Suicides .

Round 1 Suicide

5 Squats at the start line, sprint to the 1st cone 5 squats then back to the line 5 squats then next cone. Plank until the 6 (me) finishes

Round 2

Partner up at the line Wheel Barrel to 1st cone 5 Merkins, wheel barrel to next cone 5 merkins until the last cone then sprint back. Plank until the 6 (me) finishes. Switch and repeat

Round 3 Suicide

5 Big Boy Situps at the start line then sprint to 1st cone 5 BB situps sprint back to the line 5 BB situps then sprint back to next cone. Repeat until you reach last cone. Plank until the 6 (me) finishes.

Mosey over the the wall for Wall Sits (90 degrees some what) arms overhead, out front overhead, 10 claps out front, overhead, arms out.

Mosey back to flag.