• When: 10/29/2015
  • QIC: Hamm
  • The PAX: Binary, Hot Tub, Prairie Dog, Meso, Viagara, Senator, Temple Boy, FMJ, Hatter, Two Gloves, SDR, Staph, Hamm, Honey Do

VQ for Hamm and he brings it!

14 PAX arrived at Sandlot for the VQ of Hamm.  The man has made his strength and speed known at the AO and it was time for him to step up and lead us through a WO.  Welcome back Kotter to Viagara as it was great having him back in the gloom! Hamm was prepped with his Weinke board and ready to take us all on a shoulder/run beatdown that may affect work productivity today.

Conditions – 63 and clear


The Thang

Jog to back of soccer field

SSH – 50 IC

Mosey to front parking lot

Imperial Walkers 50 IC

Mosey to upper parking lot

Merkins – 15 IC

Little Arm Circles – 20 IC

Mosey to side parking Lot

Squats – 25 IC

Mosey to brickpile

Shoulder Shrugs – 25 IC

Bicep Curls – 50 OYO (on your own)

Merkins – 20 OYO

Shoulder Press – 20 IC

Steering Wheel (1 brick) – 50 each direction

Carolina Dry Docks – 10 OYO

Diamond Merkins – 20 OYO

Shoulder raise (forward) – 25 IC

Wide Arm Merks – 20 OYO

Shoulder Raise (side) – 25 IC

Put up bricks and Mosey to Hot Tub Hill

Jacob’s Ladder Burpee Extravaganza

7 Laps increase Burpees by 2

Lap 1 – 2 Burps

Lap 2 – 4 Burps

Lap 3 – 6 Burps

Lap 4 – 8 Burps

Lap 5 – 10 Burps

Lap 6 – 12 Burps

Lap 7 – 14 Burps (all PAX gassed)

Mosey back to Flag for COT

COT – Hamm

BOM – Hamm

The Pax felt the gradual rise in difficulty of Hamm’s VQ.  He definitely did a shoulder shred of us all and by the end all were feeling it.  The guys had great #mumblechatter and got better because of the work.

Moleskin – Hamm shared the story of the Prodigal Son and how both sons had issues.  One was the rebel who ran away and squandered his inheritance.  The other stayed and did everything asked but lived in self-righteousness.  With the one who left, what’s he emphasized was that the Father looked out for his son’s return.  When he finally saw it, he ran to him and redeemed him.  Our God loves us and He will run to us when we return to him.  Remember the love of the Father through His son Jesus Christ today.


Sandlot/Sawmill Convergence Sat. 10/31 – 6:30 AM at Blythewood Park.  No WO at Sandlot this Saturday

Running (Chisel/Prowl) – M/F – 5:30 Chisel ab/running  Wednesday – 5:30 Prowl run  All meet at Sandhills Movie Theater

Preblast Cottonmouth – Saturday Nov. 7th.  Check out F3nation.com or F3Columbia twitter for more info.


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