• When: 2017-12-19
  • QIC: McLovin
  • The PAX: Stent, Prom, Fountainhead, Furlough, Pinkman, Levar, Lap Dog, Kitty, Kilt, Tater Tot, McLovin

Twelve Days Seemed Like An Eternity

11 PAX emerged from the #Fartsack on this December morning in search of a way to #GetBetter. Arriving was YHC, who, following a gracious invitation from Prom and after YHC had gotten beaten down by #TheBull on Monday, came ready to share a #Thunder tradition with the PAX of #SwampFox. It was an honor to lead these former #SadClowns through The Twelve Days of Christmas this morning as they each were ready willing and able to #PushTheRock.

Conditions – 49 degrees and partly cloudy (Perfect Burpee Weather)


The Thang:


SSH x 15 (IC)


The Twelve Days of Christmas

You know how it works. Pax perform Day 1, then Day 1 & 2, then Day 1, 2 & 3 until you reach Day 12 and/or the Pax silence the Q.


First Day of Christmas – 1 Lap Around Parking Light Poles in Parking Lot

Second Day of Christmas – 2 Dozen Merkins (OYO)

Third Day of Christmas – Imperial Walkers (4 ct.) x 3

Fourth Day of Christmas – Squats (4 ct.) x 4

Fifth Day of Christmas – Five Burpees

Sixth Day of Christmas – Six Inches (Hold for 30 Seconds)

Seventh Day of Christmas – Freedom Twists (4 ct.) x 7

Eighth Day of Christmas – Jump Squats x 8

Ninth Day of Christmas – BBSU x 9

Tenth Day of Christmas – Jump Lunges x 10 total (5 each leg)

Eleventh Day of Christmas – Sky Ups x 11

Twelfth Day of Christmas – Monkey Humpers (4 ct.) x 12


SSH Burpees x 20 (5 Burpees Total)

COT/BOM – McLovin


  • Honored to have Q at #SwampFox this AM. Day 2 of The Twelve Days of Christmas was a #Crowdpleaser based on the groans heard from the PAX.
  • Here are your totals: 264 merkins (not counting Burpees), 40 Burpees, 40 Jump Squats and not quite enough Monkey Humpers .
  • #LarryBirds were not in short supply this morning as Stent, Lap Dog and Fountainhead did their thing, which is finished first in any circuit.
  • Couple of observations: (1) The Twelve Days of Christmas is both a horrible and wonderful holiday tradition and (2) The Sky Up is underrated as far as its effectiveness is concerned.




  • Tuesdays, 8:00 AM – Strong Fathers Combine @ Drip 5Pts
  • Wednesdays, 5:00 AM – The Armory @ #Brickpile
  • Wednesdays, 5:15 PM – Standing #HDHH @ Bar None
  • Sundays, 4:00 PM – F3 Midlands Palmetto Place
  • 12/30/17 – Cold Winters Day 5K
  • 1/26/18-1/28/18 – F3 Midlands Grow Ruck
  • 2/3/18 – MGC Long Run (Discount Code F3RUNS)
  • 3/23/18-3/24/18 – Palmetto 200