• When: 2018-01-24
  • QIC: Turncoat
  • The PAX: Turnpike, Kamikaze (Respect), Special K (Respect), Wham!, Seeker, Beaker (Respect), Katniss, Toy, Lambchop, Turncoat

Turncoat’s Wave of Merkins

10 PAX arrived at The Castle on a clear 40-degree morning.

Opened with the Disclaimer then onto exercises

  1. Side straddle hop (20 in cadence)
  2. Through the tunnel (10 in cadence)
  3. Little baby arm circles (10 in cadence front and reverse)
  4. Raise the roof (10 in cadence)
  5. Frankensteins (10 in cadence)
  6. Wave of merkins (8) executed to near perfection!
  7. Grabbed blocks and moseyed to bottom of the hill
  8. Put blocks down in median
  9. Fast run to end of KG drive (to Fort Jackson Blvd.) and back to bottom of hill (.8 miles) (PAX were told there would be several of these runs with this being the longest and the others getting “progressively shorter”)
  10. Colt 45s with blocks (oyo)
  11. Shoulder press with blocks (20 oyo)
  12. Fast run to Davant stop sign then back to the bottom of the hill (.6 miles) (PAX were reminded that the this was a “progressively shorter” run, PAX responded with a few grunts of mild disapproval)
  13. Gobbler squats (15 oyo)
  14. Block situps (20 oyo)
  15. Fast run to the guard gate then back to the bottom of the hill (.4 miles) (PAX were once again reminded that this was a “progressively shorter” run, this time PAX responded to the QIC with a slight sense of outrage and there were some questions about the QIC’s understanding of distance)
  16. Elf on the shelf (10 each side) with blocks (oyo)
  17. “We’re not worthy praises” (10 oyo) – thank you Exicon!
  18. Fast run to the top of hill (PAX completely ignored the QIC when he reminded them one final time about the decreasing distance, however there were some assurances given by the next QIC that there would be no running on his Weinke)
  19. 5 burpees at the top of the hill
  20. Then run back to bottom of the hill (.2 miles making for a grand total of 2 miles)
  21. Last exercise was the Cusak on the way back to the COT to put the blocks away

Announcements: Happy hour at Bar None today. A discussion about the potential Annexation of property in Kings Grant and what to do if not in favor. A prayer request was made for Seeker’s child and the greater Columbia network of drivers as he will be taking the test to obtain his learner’s permit today.