• When: 2018-10-18
  • QIC: Wally/Wall-E and BooBoo
  • The PAX: Wally, BooBoo, Gaston, Pinkman, Chopshop, Apple, Eldrick, Garnish, Deville, Duckie, Cabana Boy, Flo, Stretch, Zima, Misfire

Tigers taking over Hammer

15 Pax beat the fartsack today and despite forewarning and a beautiful Clemson GIF by McNugget, plenty of Gamecocks came for the beatdown as well.  Reminiscent of the days of Thunder and Lightning at Clemson, YHC and BooBoo brought the pain.

Conditions: 60ish degrees and pleasant

The Thang: 

BooBoo started off the session taking us over to the blocks and then to the corner of briarfield and satchelford.  10 Blockpees were called and afterwards was turned over to YHC.

YHC called for a mosey down to the bus loops with the blocks where a new exercise was called.  In other circles it may be known as a pistol squat, but today it was known as “We too deep”.  Standing on the blocks with one leg, the PAX did 10 single leg squats on each side.  Next was 20 big boy situps.

BooBoo took back over and called for a round of B.O.M.B.S around the bus loop.  PAX partnered up and while one ran the bus loop with the block, the other did 5 burpees, then ran to catch up and take the block around the loop while the partner did 5 burpees.  After burpees came 10 outlaws(spelling out O with both legs while laying on the ground). 15 merkins, 20 big boy situps, and 25 squats.

YHC took the PAX over to the school wall for the next segment for a “rest break” after the taxing B.O.M.B.S.  Wall sit for 1 min, arms out at 30 sec, arms up at 45 sec.  Stand up and do 5 single leg burpees on each leg.  Back to the wall for same sequence.  Stand up and do 10 lunges each leg.  Back to the wall for same sequence.  Stand up and do 20 squats.

BooBoo took us back out to the loop and the blocks where we set up in the road.  Bear crawl position was assumed with the block at our feet.  For a good 35 yards, we scooted the block forward in front of us along the pavement and bear crawled forward.  Afterwards mosey with the blocks to the corner of briarfield.  With the blocks, Colt 45s(curls to 45 degrees then back), waynes world(block overhead and down to chest level then back up).

YHC called one more round of “We too deep”, 5 on each side, stashed the blocks, then 20 SSH IC.

BooBoo took us to COT where we squeezed in a few 4×4(burpee with 4 mountain climbers).


Announcements: 6th Anniversary Convergence at Brickpile on Saturday, October 20th at 7:00am.