• When: 2017-09-28
  • QIC: Noonan
  • The PAX: Paperboy, Boris, OC, Apache, Sub Prime, Spot, Huffy, Jenny, Gump, Betamax, Beads, Welcome Week, Nard Dog, Clinger, Improv, Noonan

Thunderstruck BB 9/28/17

Since I have been a member of F3 I have always been a fan of two things: Accountability and Tank Top Thursdays.  You can throw in Amble since it’s the best damn running group this side of the Mississippi.  17 pax came out this morning to get better and take the #DRP.  Glad to see Robber out after a Twitter challenge was thrown out there…oh wait.  Pay attention to the order of the COP……Go Cocks!

The Thang 


Carolina Dry Docks x 10 4 ct (20 total)

Lunges in place x 10 each leg 

Escalator: 10 Jump Squats, 20 Hand Release Merkins, 30 Russian Twists, 40 Overhead Claps 

Merkin x 20 OYO

Squat x 10 4 ct (20 total)

Up Straddle Hop (One-legged SSH) x 15 each leg 

Xtra Merkins x 20 OYO

Mosey to wall 

Wall sits x 45 seconds

10 declines OYO

20 toe taps OYO

30 LBC’s OYO


Rinse and Repeat 4 times

Mosey to track and partner up

P1 takes one lap around track while P2 does flutter kicks at the start

Rinse and Repeat 3 times

At exactly 6:09 mosey back to parking lot

Beginning at 6:10 AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” began blaring from my car speakers.  For every time the word “Thunder” is said in the song the pax did a Merkin (total of 33 Merkins).  In between Merkins the pax were able to take the high or low plank positions.  This part sucked.


DEVO by Spot 


  • Congrats to Subby and Paperboo on completing the TRU 50K in Table Rock
  • Big congrats to Welcome Week on completing Ironman in Augusta on Sunday


  • Palmetto Place this Sunday at 4 pm. Check with Termite for more info. Great chance for pax to do some mentoring and work out with the boys. It will be held at new West Columbia facility
  • October 21st Convergence at Dreher HS
  • Nard Dog is getting married.  I know you are just as surprised as I am.
  • Since you don’t have any plans on Saturday come visit Noonan, Huffy, Boris and KJ down at the Boiled Peanut Festival on Devine St.  All proceeds benefit The Animal Mission and The Ronald McDonald House. Beer, Nuts, Bouncy house and live music. https://palmettopeanutboil.com/