• When: 2017-09-21
  • QIC: Fountainhead
  • The PAX: Klinger (from @F3Hartsville), Gump, BiggieSmalls, McLovin, Insanity, Robber, TinTin, Beads, Doublemint & Fhead

#Thunder’s Unfriendly

As several #Thunder regulars sat this one out, perhaps with the #TRU50K on the very near horizon, 10 #Faithful made a morning of it.  YHC has been trying to get off the #Thunder Q schedule for ages now but this one might have finally done the trick.

Conditions:  Balmy with a hint of fall.


From the #Thunder #ShovelFlag, the crew headed over to the basketball court for a little warmup knowing how tight some of the regulars can cut the 5:30 launch time.

  • SSH X 25, 4CT IC
  • Imperial Walkers X 25, 4CT IC
  • Squats X 25, 4CT IC
  • Plank-Jacks X 25, 4CT IC
  • BBSU’s X 25, OYO
  • Mercans X 25, OYO

From there, the pax exited Hand proper and headed for Emily Douglas, down the long rampy sidewalk to the sprinkler circle for a little back and forth:

  • 10 Mercans OYO followed by 10 Pullups OYO, Plank when done
  • 10 Squats OYO followed by 10 Pullups OYO, Plank when done
  • 10 Big Boy Situps OYO followed by 10 Pullups OYO, Plank when done

From there, the crew exited ED out the back and moseyed to the base of the Queen Street Hill for some partner work on the slopes.  This is where a friend or two may have unfriended YHC.

  • Partner 1 stayed at the Blossom Street intersection and started a shared 200 Mercans while Partner 2 headed up the hill for 10 BBSU’s at the top before coming back down to relieve Partner 1.  Flapjack, Partner 2 picked up where Partner 1 had left off on the 200 requisite Mercans while Partner 1 headed up Queen Street, did his 10 BBSU’s and came back down.  Rinse & Repeat until the Mercans are complete.
  • The same basic theme was repeated a second time but with 200 Squats to go with the hills and Big Boy Situps.
  • Last, 300 Flutter Kicks were split between the partners which, combined with all the BBSU’s was pretty rough on the old Abs.

Oh, and we did some #Plankorama and some Protractor between each set as well keeping things tight.

Heading back through Emily Douglas, the group again stopped at the playground watering hole for a reprise of the pullup series:

  • 10 Mercans OYO followed by 10 Pullups OYO, Plank when done
  • 10 Squats OYO followed by 10 Pullups OYO, Plank when done
  • 10 Big Boy Situps OYO followed by 10 Pullups OYO, Plank when done

At that point, fearing for Gump’s life, we made our way back up the long ramp and over to Hand with about 90 second left on the ticker (the clock… not Gump’s ticker).  With that minus enough time to both explain the last exercise and accept the resulting #HateSpeach, YHC called one minute AMRAP Burpees.  This was, after all, #Thunder.


Prayer Request for the #TRU50K guys.  Some CSAUP’s are more C and S than others.

Devo by Gump:  Great explanation of the symbolism of the Cross going all the way back to the anointing of the redeemed and the baptism of the Essenes.  YHC is always thankful for the particularly sage members of the pax reminding us of the indelible mark placed upon those who trust in Jesus for their salvation.


  • Gump was fine.  It’s been a while since I almost killed a guy, though, and so was thankful he had enough left in the tank to deliver the Devo.  Gump, by the way, once cannibalized a #Ramble route to check on me when my own lub dub was feeling a little off.  A good reminder to keep your eyes on the pax.  #ItsNotAboutYou
  • Welcome to Klinger from @F3Hartsville.  He came, he saw, he conquered.  Great to have regional guests to remind us of the big picture.
  • Best wishes to the #TRU50K pax headed to North Carolina tomorrow.  I expect some seriously stupid Strava action by Saturday afternoon.  Run smart.
  • The #CheechStrong 10K is coming up in November… perfect amount of time for the rest of us to tune up for that distance.  Register and plan on it.
  • Challenges thrown out today:  2
    Robber’s challenge was to bring an FNG and/or a lost sheep back to #Thunder.  Raffled gifts were mentioned as were doughnuts cutesy of BetaMax.
    McLovin’s Challenge was also a reminder of our 5 year F3Columbia anniversary coming up October 21st.  Pick a guy to be a battle buddy and make sure you’re both on hand for that event.  Not many regions across @F3Nation can yet boast of hitting the nickle mark.  Serious FOMO to be leveraged.