• When: 2018-10-16
  • QIC: Chaser
  • The PAX: PaperBoy, Commodore, McLovin, Beads, Soooie, Backdraft, Insanity, Seeker, Subprime, Oscar, Doolittle (FNG Jacob Battle), Strudel, PopTart, LoveBug, Cornstache, Ginny, Chaser

#Thunder Starts Reynolds Week With A Burp…uh…Bang

17, including one FNG, posted in the 70 degree gloom this morning at #Thunder expecting a Q from the young calf Splinter but instead got the old bull, YHC, (yeah, bad Step Brothers reference) after Splinter called a stomach virus audible the night before. Ol’ YHC got the text at 4:30am so the plan was hurriedly put together and then scrapped when YHC realized McLovin’ had HC’ed.  Given this it was decided to make a run at provoking another glove throwing incident like the one that has gone down in F3Cola lore when YHC called about 300 too many burpees one morning at #Battle…in 30 minutes…leading McLovin’, before his more mature Nan’tan days, to rip his gloves off (off? y tho?) and throw them into the ground in disgust whilst muttering something either extremely profane or Spanish…or both. Anyway, the plan then had to be altered again when we had an FNG show up and YHC legitimately feared either running him off immediately or seriously hurting the innocent newbie.  Then it was altered back once YHC realized the FNG could hang…anyway…

Conditions: 70, maybe for the last time pre-dawn for a while, and humid


Leave COT and run to King/Wheat: 10 merkins, 10 squats, 10 solo iron cross

Run to Wheat/Woodrow: 10 burpees

Run to Wheat Maple: 10 merkins, 10 squats, 10 solo iron cross

Run to Wheat/Holly: 10 burpees

Wheat/Sims: 10 merkins, 10 squats, 10 solo iron cross

At Wheat/Walker PaperBoy opened his mouth, again, and asked, nay called for, 20 burpees so YHC obliged.  YHC isn’t sure that PaperBoy understood that the original plan called for 10 burpees at virtually every street corner in Shandon and that YHC had altered that only in the interest of the FNG’s overall health and wellbeing but at this point YHC decided that the FNG could hang and thus reverted to the original plan PLUS 20 burpees at the next two stops to make up for some lost reps. Thus the pax did 20 at Wheat/Walker and then 20 at Wheat/Ravenel and then down to 10 each at every corner out to Ott and then all the way back to Hand (9 more stops) plus 10 at Woodrow/Wheat, 10 at Wheat/King and a final 10 back at COT.

Total Burpee Count: 200

Mileage: ~2.25ish

Moleskin: Good work pax. Its hard to push through once you know what’s coming about 10 minutes into a workout and know it ain’t gonna be easy. Nice to get a good test of the mind and body before dawn.

Great devo by Beads that, according to him, came to him during burpees. Devine…something.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the FNG was EH’ed by Gump, somehow or another, but Gump did not show. There’s a lexicon term for that but it escapes me. When the FNG arrived though he asked YHC if Jack Fleischer was there and I guess he kinda saw my puzzled look and immediately apologized and said of course he meant Scott. After making sure he knew it was all good and he was welcome YHC did think on that a bit during the workout and how Jack had been at Thunder several (many?) times and really not that long ago during one of YHC’s Qs where we ran a bunch of laps on the track and did all kinds of other stuff. Jack ran with his Daddy that morning and I can remember Gump encouraging young Jack around the track. Thinking about that and how untimely and excruciating young Jack’s death was for so many people it reminded me that none of us know how long we’ll be here and we all put things off thinking we’ll get to it “one day”.  We’ll spend more time with our wife “one day”. We’ll reconnect with our children “one day”.  We’ll “get right with God” “one day”…and so on.  But none of us know where our finish line is.  Could be tomorrow.  Could be today. God put Jack here for many many great reasons and he did many great things. One thing he taught us, through his death, was to teach us all how fleeting, unpredictable and sometimes cruel life can be. I don’t want to be too presumptuous but Jack, who was considering the ministry from what I’ve heard, would want us to appreciate that we can’t wait for “one day” for anything that matters. “One day” might be today.  I thank God for Jack and for the FNG (Doolittle) and for the slip of the tongue this morning, that I think God intended, that sent YHC and maybe all of us a subtle reminder to do what we need to do one day, today.

Announcements: 6 year anniversary workout this Saturday at Brickpile. 7-8am.