• When: 2019-02-07
  • QIC: Biggie Smalls
  • The PAX: Welcome Week, Beta, Beads, Insanity, Mud Dog, Lugnut, Fallout, Milton, Wiggles, Spot, Beads, Poptart, Oscar, Improv, Robber, Jenny, Traitor, Lovebug, Costanza

Thunder FTW

First day back from the Flu so I had to bring the pain without passing out (a fun balancing act)

20 PAX showed for YHC’s beatdown which was the perfect scenario to math the perfect weather.  YHC saw they had just done partner block work, but decided that you can never get enough

SSH x 20 IC
Squats x 20 OYO
Merkins x 20 OYO
Forward Arm Circles X 20
Backwards Arm Circles X 20
Overhead Claps X 20
Air Chair w/ Seal Claps X 20

Follow the Q to Emily Douglas park, partner up and retrieve one block per partnership. Line up at the field for pain time.

Time for Elevens all with the blocks
10 Blockees, walk to the tenth cone 1 Curl, return to the start.
9 Blockees, walk to the ninth cone 2 Curls, return to the start.
So on and so forth to 1 blockee, 10 Curls.
Flutter kicks until the 6 finished.
Pax were hurting


Lined up again for a Circuit (SPURcuit for my Spur loyals)
Each Pax selected an exercise for their spot.  First pax sprinted around the park and when they returned each pax shifted one spot.  Guys did not go easy on one another… except for maybe Beads…

Back to the Flag for a quick round of 6 inch ABCs and time to sew it up!


Devo by Lugnut – Let your Actions reflect what you are saying