• When: 2018-03-01
  • QIC: Chewy
  • The PAX: On Ramp, Ash, Belle, Pondo, Heidi, Pampers, Foxhole, Odyssey, Stretch, Chewy, Co-Pay Drive-by

The March Woodshed – Legion Convergence

Woodshed and Legion have been regularly meeting up on top of Indian Mound since Legion first planted its shovel flag in 2015. Our March convergence was another opportunity to work out with our brothers from across the gloom.

The Thang:

We started 2 minutes late (YHC didn’t have a watch), so, from Woodland Park, the Pax did a two-line, double-time applesauce run down Old Knight to Chambly to Queensway to Old Woodlands to the top of Indian Mound where we joined the men from Legion who were finishing up some burpees.

YHC wasn’t too creative – we did a fairly standard Dora.  The Pax partnered up. Partner One ran down to the bottom of IM did 5 burpees and then ran back up to the top. Meanwhile, Partner Two worked on chipping away at the exercise count.  Together, the men completed 100 hand release merkins (crowd pleaser on wet concrete); 200 squats (good form!); and 300 BB sit-ups (wet concrete again!).

When time was called, the Pax moseyed back down Old Woodlands to Queens Way. We had time, so we circled up at Crown Point and waited for the six.  We did 20 SS and 20 Flutters in cadence and then recovered and continued the mosey down Queens Way to Chambly Drive to Old Knight and to the shovel flag.  Y(watch-less)HC was misinformed about the time, and, so with a few more minutes, we circled up for a little more fun. We did 20 SS and 20 Flutters in cadence before we called it.


Moleskin:  It’s always a good time when we’re able to hook up with our brothers at Legion. We’re already talking about April’s meet-up (On Ramp can’t wait!).


  • BIG Announcement – our very own On Ramp officially announced yesterday that he is seeking the republican nomination for Richland County Council, District 6.  We don’t endorse candidates here, but YHC does encourage all Pax to vote and make your voice heard.  Primaries are June 12th (Polls open 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.) and primary run-offs are June 26th.
  • On Ramp’s website: https://www.searsforsc.com/ and twitter: @SearsforSC
  • Reminder about the Woodland 5k on March 10.  Today (March 1) is the last day to sign up for the lower rate ($25) and guaranteed t-shirt.
  • Reminder that Stumble now meets at Starbucks at 5:15 on Friday for the run and post-run coffeeteria (coffateria?).