• When: 2018-08-27
  • QIC: Fountainhead
  • The PAX: Wall-E, FadeToBlack, PrettyBoy, Gaston, TwoADays, Collar, McNugget, Turtle, Furlough, Garnish, WheresTheBeef, Michelle, McLovin & F'head

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of #Scramble

‘Fourth Q in ten days and YHC’s running out of creative ways to set up a #Backblast.  Thankfully, the pax supplied worthy content.  Monday morning and we gathered in the gloom.  Detour complained the night before about the route and, true to his word, he didn’t show up (though we waited for him).  Wall-E was all about it until the route was described in person, at which point he ran off in another direction.  Pretty Boy, hometown hero, walked over (he lives that close to the AO).  Michelle started early and finished late for unexplained reasons… So it was, with a lot of confusion, that 14 men took off into the morning darkness for some hills in the heat.

Conditions:  August in Columbia


Up to Trenholm.  Right on Converse.  Right on West Buchannan and straight on to East Buchannan.  Left on Belmont (#CrowdPleaser).  Left onto Kilbourne.  Left onto Witaker and Right onto Trenholm for the 4 mile route up and down and up again.

Scramble 4 Miler



  • Labor Day Convergence, Monday at 0700 at Hand Middle School.  #NotToBeMissed.


  • Wall-E was found.  Apparently it was best he took a detour (ahem) before setting to the course.  As he always does, though, the miles were put in by our new AOQ.
  • Notworthy:  Two McDonalds and a Wendy’s reference were on hand.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever been in the same place as McNugget and McLovin at the same time… but almost certainly WheresTheBeef has never been in their company.