• When: 04/18/17
  • QIC: Fountainhead
  • The PAX: Polo, Prom, SecondHand, Sheets, Krusty, Venti, LeVar, Snowbird, Gaston, Furlough, FadeToBlack & F'head

#SwampFox Goes Shopping

Beautiful mornings and with an eye on summer, YHC felt the need for a road trip having stuck around home for spring break week.  With 11 of the faithful in tow, therefore, we vacated the regular haunts of #SwampFox and spent a little time getting cozy with Forest Drive.

Conditions: Warm & Dry (#Cantore was way off)


From the CMS parking lot, we headed out toward Clemson only to be cut short by what looked like a late arriving pax coming in hot.  25 SSH’s, 4 Count & In Cadence were optimistically called in case said hotshot pulled into the parking lot.  Sadly, the guy doing 60 mph up Clemson was just out for a speed at 5:30 AM.

We then continued down Coker Street to Pine Tree Park where we started a circuit to be tweaked and then repeated a bunch of times which, this first time included:

Mercans X 15, 4CT IC
LBCs X 25, 4CT IC
Squats X 20, 4CT IC

Moseying on down Coker, we turned left onto Trenholm before a short left into a random parking lot for a second, more desirous set of:

Mercans X 10, 4CT IC
Squats X 15, 4CT IC
LBCs X 20, 4CT IC
This become the template and will henceforth be called simply “The Circuit”

Bucking it around onto Trenholm and then back into the back side of the Circle K, we ended up in the Rite Aid Parking lot where the pax partnered up for a quick roundabout.  For this first of many shopping stops we did the following:

Partner 1 did Russian Twists, AMRAP style, while Partner 2 ran around the store.
Flapjack and move on.

From there we continued up Trenholm plaza around to the back of Nutrition Warehouse where we stopped for another round of The Circuit.

Then, onward past the FedEx and to the BoneFish parking lot for a second partner split in which:

Partner 1 did Flutter Kicks (with deference to BoneFish) while Partner 2 ran around the shop.
Flapjack and move on.

The next Mosey was exceedingly short as we stopped for a little dental work and did the following:

Partner 1 did Iron Cross while Partner 2 Bear Crawled around the little office location.  Bonus on this one as the Bear Crawl required negotiating a drop off through the hedge and then back up and over a retaining wall making the loop a little interesting.
Flapjack and move on.

Then came the Leon Jones stop, the biggest building on our tour, in which we stopped for a third in succession partner split in which:

Partner 1 did Big Boy Situps, AMRAP style, while Partner 2 ran around the buidling.
Flapjack and move on yet again.

Continuing up Trenholm Road, we stopped again in front of the Goodyear Store for another round of The Circuit before continuing on.

Our Grocerty Run of the morning was courtesy of Trader Joes where we pulled up for:

Partner 1 did V-Ups while Partner 2 tried to run around the store.  #Disclaimer… apparently Trader Joes booby traps their perimeter as pits, spikes, limbs and sundry debris were used to slow each group.  The first set was even attached by a delivery truck though LeVar escaped unharmed.
Flapjack and move on (quickly).

Next, the Wells Fargo was used as a more safe option for the partner split as Partner 1 did Burpees while Parter two ran around the bank and through the drive through.  In spite of the dangers of Trader Joes, it was here, however, that Venti rolled his ankle.
Flapjack and hobble on.

While exiting the Wells parking lot, The Circuit was repeated again because it’s fun.

With the barn in sight, we headed back up Clemson toward CMS.  With a little stair to the left, though, at St. Martins, we stopped once more and, while Partner 1 did Freddie Mercury’s, Partner 2 Bear Crawled down the steps, around the brick entry columns and back again.
Flapjack and move on.

Time was almost up as the road trip ended back at the COT.  But with a little time on the clock The Circuit was called with Venti (who’s nearly fine, by the way) counted down the seconds as LBC’s were called ad nauseum to close out the morning.



  • MudRun is May 20th, Signup closes May 1st.  Time to get committed.
  • #TheMission Convergence on April 29th.  F3Columbia Convergence on May 13th.


  • Special thanks to Polo who, for a second time in two days, did his rain-man thing for me and mentally recorded the list of pax.  So if I forgot you, blame Polo.  If I remembered you, you have Polo to thank… because my memory’s a sieve of vacuousness.
  • Glad to see Venti still mobile after taking a spill.  It didn’t slow his Bear Crawl anyway, FWIW.
  • SnowBird said this one hurt which I took as a compliment.
  • In case you’re ever in need, we passed two gyms, two urgent care locations and three dentist in that one little loop, on one side of Forest Drive, that we covered.  #FunFacts

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