• When: 06/13/17
  • QIC: Fountainhead
  • The PAX: Kitty, Michelle, SecondHand, Crusty, Prom, LeVar, Spread, Sheets, Snowbird & F'head

#SwampFox Downtown

Ten of the more faithful among F3Columbia climbed out of the #Fartsack either in spite of the late night watching the Warriors snuff out the Cav’s hopes or because the NBA Finals couldn’t keep them up.  Either way, YHC felt a tribute to the end of the basketball year was good enough reason to plan a whole workout on the courts.  Never mind that there’s no breeze in the hole that is the Crayton basketball courts, it was a good day to push the rock.

Conditions: Quite pleasant but for the mugginess settling upon the asphalt


Warm-up lap around CMS (3/4 mile) to make sure everyone knew their way around campus… and then on to the basketball courts where the rest of the workout ensued as follows:

SSH X 20, 4CT IC
Squats X 20, 4CT IC
LBCs X 20, 4CT IC
Mercans X 20, 4CT IC
Jump Lunges X 10 each Leg, OYO
Pulse Ups X 20, 4CT OYO
Carolina Drydocks X 20, 4CT IC

County Fair:
Four corners of the court were explained to be the site for four different exercises.  County Fair means you do the workout and then head for the next corner.  In this case, the pax did three (3) sets of the following exercises making a lap of the double court with each of the three sets:

Corner 1:  LBCs X 40, OYO
Corner 2:  Squats X 30, OYO
Corner 3:  Mercans X 20, OYO
Corner 4:  Burpees X 10, OYO

Once complete, a little plankorama ensued followed by:

Ski Hops (Left to Right) X 45 Seconds
Front to Back Hops X 45 Seconds
Box Hops (Clockwise) X 45 Seconds
Box Hops (Counter Clockwise) X 45 Seconds
X Hops X 45 Seconds

From Corner 1, Bear Crawl the side line
Corner 2 to 3, Lunge Walk the double base line
Corner 3 to 4, Bear Crawl the sideline
Corner 4 to 1, Lunge Walk  the double base line.

Suicide Beast:
From the right sideline, run out to the next sideline stopping for one set of a called excersize, then run back for a second.  Then run to the second court sideline stopping for the third set of a called exercise and back to the original sideline for a fourth set.  Last run to the far sideline for the fifth set of the exercise and then back to the starting point for number six.  Each of the following were called for six sets at each stopping point mounting to 26 total with a suicide rolled in to keep things moving:

Mercans (X 6 X 6)
LBCs (X 6 X 6)
Squats (X 6 X 6)
Pause for six quick flutter kicks just to break up the routine
Carolina Drydocks (X 6 X 6)
Pulse Ups (X 6 X 6)
Jump Lunge (X 6 X 6 each leg)

Calling it quits, the pax headed back up to the COT.  With just 30 seconds to kill, a final 20 Mercans were called to put a bow on it.



Always good to be back.  Thanks to all who don’t judge when YHC comes and goes periodically.  Except for Snowbird… you can ride him ragged when he’s gone for weeks at a time.

Solid work by the crew.  It’s interesting to see how the SwampFox faithful have all settled into a fairly even pace and fitness level…  that’s what happens when a dedicated group sticks together for a while.  Don’t be afraid to invite an FNG or reach out to a long lost brother, though, to mix things up.

Mention was made of the TRU50K and the BullsEye Half Marathon.  There were no takers.  None.

The #SwampFox anniversary is coming up fast.  Gather a crew and invite some old faithful back out.  It’s hard to believe Crayton has been serving as host to us for nearly four years.  A whole lot of F3 history has taken place while the men of #SwampFox have consistently posted in the #Gloom.

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