• When: 12/16/15
  • QIC: Hee-Haw
  • The PAX: Shade Tree, Wingback, Beacon, Holy Poker, Pondo, Serena, Silver Bullet

Stumblin Everywhere

8 pax showed up this morning, and proceeded to stumble around the Olde Woodlands area at various distances and paces. Of course, that was part of the plan, and it worked. All pax were able to get in miles that fit where they are in their training, at paces they could handle, while still enjoying some 2nd F and ending at, or near, the same time at the AO.


Conditions: 45 F, but nice

The Thang:

YHC put together a route that gave all pax options from 3.9 miles to 7.0 miles. However, all pax got in at least 5.2 miles.

Here is a link to the route on Strava, but there was one minor change that is addressed in the description below:

The Route

Right out of the AO onto Olde Knight, then Right onto Galway, Right onto Saye Cut, Left onto Old Woodlands, Left onto Hampton Trace, Right onto Chimney Hill, take Chimney Hill all the way down to the end and then back up to Dean Hall and turn Left (for those cutting mileage, don’t go to end of Chimney Hill, and instead take a right onto Dean Hall).

Take Dean Hall to the end, then right onto Hampton Leas, left onto Old Woodlands (for those cutting mileage, continue on Olde Woodlands, then right onto Olde Knight and back to the AO).

Left onto Martha’s Glenn, take it all the way around and then left onto Sally Baxter, then left onto Old Woodlands, right onto Garner’s Ferry, then right onto Old Veterans and veer right onto Byron. Take Byron all the way down to Christie (if aiming for 7 miles), then turn right, and then right onto Galway, left onto Olde Knight and back to the AO.


The route was not as confusing as it might seem in the description, and it provided the needed options for our group. #TClaps are in order for Wingback, who took off out of the AO like a Bat out of Hell and never slowed down. 7 miles at a sub 7 minute per mile pace…yeah #HeFast.


-Christmas Picnic for the Mission this Friday at Finley Park. Get with Robber for the details.

-Q 101 at the Mission this Saturday at 0830 at Finley Park.

-Business as usual on Christmas Eve, but NO workouts on Christmas Day.

-Convergence on January 2nd, stay tuned for the details.

Other stuff.

That’s all…for now.

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