• When: 09/14/15
  • QIC: Fountainhead
  • The PAX: BabyRuth, Columbo, BigWorm, TuffGuy, AlterBoy (Bull'sEar) & F'head

Small Pax for a Whole ‘Lotta Bull

#TheBull has been run in Columbia across two summers now having been altered very little from its original intent.  In fact, for reminiscence sake, you can read the earliest description of the workout here from way back in May of 2014.  In spite of the #CSAUP schedule and some crazy weather, it has been consistently offered to the F3Midlands guys every Monday without fail.  This morning was no different…  in spite of the many who tackled the #BRR this past weekend, a select few kept #TheBull alive while many of the regulars took a much deserved break.

Conditions: Perfect.  This is your one week in Columbia of perfect F3 weather…  don’t miss it!

The Thang:

Check out the link above… or this one.  #TheBull is its own Q with its own demands.  You just have to come check it out if you’ve never ridden before.


We keep an ongoing tally of the results in a google dock… it had to be updated when we crossed into a second year but it’s still an impressive document.  Check it out Here:

#Matador: Fountainhead – 258.75 (15 lbs.)
2nd Points: Baby Ruth – 210 (10 lbs.)
Most Improved: Columbo – 4.25 reps
Most Ridiculous: TuffGuy – 5.75 reps (Post BRR Recovery Bull)
Bulls Ear: AlterBoy – 3.62 Miles of running around aimlessly. (Post BRR Recovery Mosey)



  • Amazing to see a few guys back from the BRR.  TuffGuy pushed the pace the entire workout in spite of having run the BRR two days prior…
  • Our #Bull AOQ met us for #Coffeeteria afterwards, a welcome face also post-BRR.
  • Race season is just getting started.  #TheBull is a great way to push your cardio and strength endurance headed into the MudRun.  Moving fast when exhausted is 90% mental.  #TheBull is one way you can train your mind to push hard when your body is screaming for mercy.
  • And, no, I have no idea what the #BullsEar is.  AB wanted to be counted (with due respect post-BRR) but no one quite knows what he did while the rest of us took on the concrete beast.


  • MudRun Signups continue.  Its not safe, but it’s good.
  • P200 talk is already afoot.  be thinking about the next big relay.
  • #Blitz is starting up at the end of the month… it’s to be a 30 minute workout in Rosewood.  How do you get in a full on beat down in only half an hour?  Go find out.  It’s going to be hard.

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