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Second verse, even better than the first…#Swagger

The newly dubbed #Swagger group run experienced a 20% growth in participation today, knocking out another 5k before the sun came up. Rehab one-upped everyone by running from the Gym a mile away to catch up with us, and Dufresne showed us how to come back from the DL in style. Pebbles finished strong in his 2nd 5k of the week, and Sand Dollar kept us from becoming road pizza by placing the reflector vest between us and the cars (Thanks!). Napalm had the Q, leading us with the pace on the road, and in prayer at the BOM.

I’m personally stoked to have such great accountability partners to get us to our goals, and a genuinely admirable group of men with whom to share this journey. Looking forward to Napalm’s Q at #Strut tomorrow, and hoping to see some more faces Monday morning for our next run.




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