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#Amble Report: The Hill

12 strong gathered in the gloom for Amble’s traditional long Friday run…  only to realize that the long run, for most, is now the weekend run yet to come.  The day’s course, however, proved ample distance as many set off at a sub 8 minute pace and maintained that speed for the full 5.5 mile distance.  Important to the route taken was the long Shady Lane leg followed by the full length of the Kilbourne Hill which marks the midpoint of the Governors Cup route placing a lengthy climb in the middle of an otherwise fairly flat race.

“Impressive” doesn’t capture the transformation we’ve seen over the last three months as most of us, YHC included, have taken entire minutes off of their “conversational” pace and doubled the distance at which it can be maintained.

Conditions:  73 degrees and 84% humidity

The Thang:

Clockwise 5.5 mile loop from KBC getting the full benefit of the Kilbourne Hill:




Worth reiterating, we’ve seen serious improvement by a wide range of Amble regulars.  Apparently, running every Monday, Wednesday and Friday is good for you.  The problem with the continued improvement is that the core Amble group is making it impossible for new F3ers to slide in and participate without “getting in shape” first.  That was decidedly not the intent of Amble when it began and needs to be addressed.  Suggestions and solutions are welcome.  Should multiple routes/distances be provided every day?  Should another run group be started (as is the case in Charlotte) based on a distance and pace (such as [email protected] or the Sweeet Six)?  We’re open to options but want to hear from those interested in participating outside our regular core group rather than just proposing solutions within the existing group.  Talk to your friends and lets make Amble more user friendly to all of F3Columbia.

Governors Cup Half Marathon training is getting real.  If you didn’t get the e-mail regarding run training and the route scheduled for Saturday/Sunday, please check the Pre-blast and contact Chaser, Sub Prime or myself so that you’re added to the distribution list.  Tomorrow a group will LEAVE DHS at 6:45 for a seven mile run with the goal of getting back to the convergence in time for the COT and BOM.  The same location, time and route will be used again on Sunday morning just not overlapping the Saturday bootcamp.


3rdF efforts are under way. TB is taking the lead. Please let him know if you are interested in helping or getting involved. Contact him at [email protected]. Please reference yesterday’s email from the F3Columbia email address for more details. First meeting is next Tuesday at 8pm.




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