• When: 2018-08-09
  • QIC: Sled
  • The PAX: Sled, OBC, Ripcord, Snowden, Sisterwife, Cashmere, Prenup

Score takes on the Beast with bricks

After being out a lot this summer, YHC decided to challenge myself and the pax with an old exercise with a new twist. The 7 men who came out got their money’s worth, as we tackled the Beast, and took along bricks to make it a little more challenging.  Mission accomplished.

Conditions: Muggy

The Thang:

Stay at the front of the school and circle up


SSH x20 IC

Freedom Twist x15 IC

Prisoner Squat x15 IC

(Pax told to keep arms up during this set) Little baby arm circles forward and backward x15 each IC, then overhead claps x25 IC, then raise the roof x15 IC

Stretching exercises

Big Boy Situps x10 OYO

Jog to the parking lot side of the school and circle up again

LBCs x20 IC

Plank Jacks x20 IC

Imperial Walker x 20 IC

Big Boy Situps x10 OYO


Jog over to get bricks and then head over to field to find cones set out every 20 yards.

YHC explained the beast, 6 reps of the called exercise, at six different stations, and repeat for six exercises. Sequence went as follows:

Jog to each cone and do 6 curls for the girls with bricks.

Repeat this sequence with the following exercises: squats with bricks, carolina dry docks with bricks, tri-cep extension with bricks, big boy situps(leave bricks behind), and finally Burpees (leave bricks behind)

Put up bricks and head to patio:

Circle up and do 10 Big Boy situps OYO

Pax then told to keep their feet in the air until these are completed:

Rosalita x20 IC

Hello Dolly x20 IC

Freddie Mercury x15 IC

Boxcutter x15 IC

Jog back to Hollywood Squares and stop for a couple minutes of peoples chair on the great wall.

At Hollywood Squares:


Superman Crunch on the benches x10 IC

1 leg squats x10 IC, and switch legs

Dips x10 IC

Circle up and finish with a merkin circle, each man planks and the first does 1 merkin while others plank, and then the next man does a merkin, around the circle.  We made it to 3 merkins before the Brickpile guys came back for the COT.

COT: Solid work by all on a muggy morning.