• When: 2019-01-02
  • QIC: McBeal
  • The PAX: Wham, T.O.Y., Katniss, Kamikaze (RR), High Stick (RR), Special K (RR), OBC, Turnpike, Selfie, Hugo, McBeal, and I'm really sorry but there was one name I didn't catch, didn't recognize him.

Run in the New Year

It feels like I always draw this Q – the first of the new year.  Posting made me 1/1 on the new year, but given my history as of late (a combination of injury and apathy), my comebacks are hardly remarked on at this point, and that’s fair.  I have made a habit of posting when I Q and rarely any other time.  No more sonnets about comebacks or anything else, stay tuned to see if the new year brings new things for me.  I won’t be angry if you’re skeptical.

The Conditions:

A balmy 61

The Thang



SSH IC x20

TTT IC x10

LBACf IC x15

LBACr IC x15

High Knees IC x20

Butt kicks IC x20


Russian Twist IC x20

mosey to bottom of liberal hill

20 squats OYO

Bernie Sanders half way, mosey the rest

20 squats OYO

mosey to bottom of N. Tombee

Circle up

SSH IC x20

TTT IC x10



Pair up for a dora

100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBCs

lunge walks across the cul de sac x 3

mosey back to top of hill

Squats OYO x20

mosey to bottom

Squats OYO x20

mosey to the tunnel but the tunnel was wet and in no condition for safe wall sits

back to the COP

Air chair 60 seconds

Rest 15 seconds

Air chair 45 seconds

Rest 30 seconds

Air chair 30 seconds


COT, Count o rama, Name o rama, prayers and out