• When: 2018-12-31
  • QIC: RA
  • The PAX: Detour, Chop Shop, Collar, Wally, RA

Scramble Reflection on 2018 and Goals for 2019

Running groups are not often filled with mumble chatter, fellowship or camaraderie during the workout. Most of this is saved for #coffeeteria and the occasional CSAUP event. But as YHC approached the New Year’s Eve Q, he gave lots of consideration to how he could make the workout meaningful physically, but also meaningful emotionally for the pax and for himself (check the moleskin for more). The workout below was designed to challenge everyone present to leave the workout fulfilled.

Conditions: Foggy, 58, hard rain at the end

The Thang:

Leave Trenholm Plaza and Indian Run to the corner of Chicora and Furman

From here pax were instructed to run hard up Furman to Converse, turn right and recover to Wofford. Run hard up Wofford to Coker, turn left and recover to Furman. Turn left and run hard down Furman to Converse, turn left and recover to Wofford. Turn right and run hard down Wofford to Chicora, turn right and recover to Furman. Stop at corner of Furman and Chicora and wait for pax.

Here we reflected on achievements of 2018: Detour ran his first overnight relay, Chop Shop completed his first marathon, Wally ran over 500 miles on the year, Collar got faster and ran more than he ever had before, YHC finished his PhD.

Fellowship run up Chicora to Clemson. Turn right and run hard up Clemson to Coker (hill work and speed work). Stop at Clemson and Coker.

Here we reflected on those things we want to leave in 2018 and not carry forward to the new year. A few that were mentioned…worry, spiritual apathy, debt, stress over the things we cannot control. We figuratively buried these things at the top of the hill and the pax were instructed to stop their watches here, finish their 1.65 mile run and start a new workout leaving 2018 and these burdens behind us (check strava, the 1st run draws an 18).

On the new run, Indian run back to the corner of Chicora and Wofford. From here, run hard up Wofford to Chicora, turn left and recover to Furman. Turn left and run hard to Converse, turn left and recover to Wofford. Turn right and run hard down Wofford to Chicora and stop for the pax.

Here we put voice behind goals (not resolutions) for 2019: Chop Shop wants to take the next step in his career, Wally wants to pray more for his wife, Detour set a goal to eat healthier, RA commits to engaging his faith more, and yhc forgets Collar’s goal (sorry).

This completed our drawing of 19 for 2019 and the group ran back to Trenholm Plaza under heavy rain.


Moleskin: When YHC volunteered for the New Year’s Eve Q, he was not aware how meaningful this might be. The last few weeks and months have been very difficult for YHC and his M as we have been dealing with issues that cannot be left in 2018. In the months to come YHC’s family will welcome a son into the world while also planning for the baby’s funeral within days of birth (if born alive). This diagnosis has been very trying on our family and has taken a toll on both YHC and the M individually and is beginning to take a toll on us collectively as a unit. We are facing this while also dealing with a major kitchen remodel that was forced by a mold issue in our kitchen identified in September but where reconstruction still has not begun. YHC has been thankful to the pax who have reached out and offered a kind word, prayers and thoughts during the last few weeks. Engaging with F3 has helped YHC keep a sense of normalcy during these tough times and the men of F3 have been there for yhc at every turn.

This Q was designed to allow the pax to reflect on the good and the bad of the previous year and to remind them and YHC that while we cannot choose what awaits us in a new year, we can choose characteristics we want to leave behind. YHC chose worry to leave in 2018 because the circumstances of life are not in our control, those items are in God’s hands, but how one reacts to those circumstances is a choice God has given us and we can choose to turn worry over to him.