• When: 01/12/17
  • QIC: Bubs
  • The PAX: Pondo, Silver Bullet, Chewie, Oddyssey, Apache, Teddy, FroYo, Rosenbager, Tin Cup, Spurier, Compost (FNG), Foxhole, Bubs

Remembering a month ago — Jan. 12, 2017 workout

13 PAX went out for some Ultimate [Frisbee] Workout

Warm Up:
SSH, Arm Circles

Amble to Back of School, team up.
Partner A: people’s chair, while Partner B: pull ups (5), merkins (10), dips (15). Switch.

Team ups with 2 teams. Each gets a Frisbee.
Frisbee chase to the lower playground with alternating throws and work outs of: merkins (10), squats (10), or big boy sit ups (10).
– The winning team does 10 merkins. The losing team does 10 burpies.

At the lower playground, while one person from the group runs around the dirt track, the rest of the group alternates between pull ups (10), merkins (10), and dips (15). Each person goes through the line.

Then to the big field with tennis ball call-out workout. When this is finished, pick up the equipment and frisbee chase back to the school wall (drop off the tennis balls along the way).

Burpies at the school wall.

[some other exercises]

Return to AO.

– Saturday workouts at Brickpile…. if you don’t show up at Woodshed, you might as well not show up at Brickpile.

– Pondo’s family

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