• When: 12/22/15
  • QIC: Boris
  • The PAX: OBC, BigTime. SisterWife, PreNup

Rain Who Cares! We got to Learn Some New Moves at Score This Morning

5 PAX Braved the lite showers this moring to come out and have some fun with me this morning.  This workout was a little different from some I have done in the past.  We started off with a few new exercises during the COP and for the 1st time every no SSH during the COP.


Mosey over to the covered walkway (why get wet if you do not have too. Be smart)

10 OYO Arm Rotations

10 OYO Big Arm Circles – F/B

10 OYO Toe Touches then look to the sky

10 OYO Full Body Circles – R/L

10 OYO Torso Twist

10 OYO Lunges

1.5 minute Plank x 2

The Thang:

We will start at 10 reps per exersise and count down to 5 reps per exercise. Do all exercises and that counts at one set/round and we will do 6 sets/rounds.

Side Lunges each side

Inline Merkins

Swimmers/Superman moving arms and legs

Russian Twist each side

Bulgarian Split Squats – Jogged over to the black benchs by the gym to do these then jog back to covered walkway. Got to work in a little running.

Dirty Dog



After completing 6 rounds of the above exercises we need to get in a little Block work.

25 – 4ct Block Bench P{ress

20 – 4ct Block Curla for the Girls

10 – 4ct Block Shoulder Presses

As promised I finished the workout with a few stretching exercises for the group.


Mosey back to front of Brickpile


Great work by the 4 brave men who did not let the rain stop them from getting better today.  Ihope they enjoyed the workout and will be a little sore tomorrow.



12/13/15 – Hreny’s Hump Day Happy Hour

12/24/15 – Regular time. Come get your workout done so you can enjoy Christmas

01/02/15 – Columbia Convergence – More information to come about location and time. 


BOM – SisterWife

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