• When: 11/18/15
  • QIC: Improv
  • The PAX: Heist, Huffy, TNT

Railroad Track = Good Livin’

4 Pax post at #BlueFalcon this morning in the #gloom.  It was a great morning for some #goodlivin.  In putting together YHC’s weinke, a mental inventory was pulled together of all the supplies at #Brickpile.  What haven’t we been tortured #gottenbetter with?  Sandbags? Check. Water logged telephone pole? Check. Rucks in odd carrying positions? Check.  Railroad track? BINGO!


Conditions: 57 Degrees




Mosey to curb


With Rucks on

  • Merkin 10 x IC
  • Flutter Kicks (rucks held above) 20 x IC
  • Squat 20 x IC
  • Bear crawl to curb across parking lot
  • Lunge walk back to original curb


Mosey to the coupon collection area & pick-up railroad track


Distance Ruckin’ (while carrying the railroad track the entire trip)

  • Depart DHS to Millwood Ave.
  • Across Millwood to Greenwood
  • Across Devine Street to Amherst
  • Amerherst to Blossom (right turn)
  • Blossom to Holly (right turn)
  • Holly to Devine (right turn)
  • Devine to Millwood (left turn)
  • Millwood to DHS – 2 +/- Miles


More #GoodLivin

  • Pax with railroad track – 5 up and overs
  • Pax without railroad track – 10 Incline Merkins
  • Flapjack
  • Pax with railroad track – 5 up and overs
  • Pax without railroad track – 10 Decline Merkins
  • Flapjack


Return railroad track to coupon collection area





  • Palmetto 200 sign-up is active and so is the preblast.  Check the preblast here for details: #F3P200
  • 11/26/15 – Thanksgiving Convergence at #Brickpile (6 AM & 7 AM starts)
  • 12/15/15 – F3 Christmas Party (Kings Grant Club House) – Details to follow
  • 3/5/16 – F3 Nation 5th Anniversary Party (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DYNLWT3)
  • HDHH – 5:15 PM Wednesday at Craft & Draft
  • Lunch – 12:00 PM Thursday at Salarita’s in the Vista

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