• When: 2018-12-18
  • QIC: Fountainhead (Brickpile)
  • The PAX: TwoBuck, TigerLilly, Hustler, Nails, Nap, OBC, Logo, Snowden, SLED, Ripcord, Robber, Rosco & F'head

Quarterly #Brickpile Report

It was noted that YHC only posts at #Brickpile when it’s time to Q.  While that’s not intended as any sort of slight toward the regulars at DHS, it’s a recognizable habit true of most.  In fact, I’d argue it’s a good thing because if we all rotated around the F3Columbia region we’d never get any accountability from the guys who expect to see us on the regular.  So, while I do apologize for posting only when it’s required of me, know that it’s for the greater cause of holding men (myself included) to the necessary habits of a regular AO.

Conditions:  Colder then expected…  38-ish.


Moseying out into the lights, the pax circled up for a quick warmup of:

  • SSH X 20, 4CT IC
  • Mercans X 10, 4CT IC
  • Imperial Walkers X 20, 4CT IC
  • Squats X 20, 4CT IC
  • Big Boys X 20, 4CT IC

From there we headed around the gym to the rear parking lot for an old favorite, the parking space burpee set in which a burpee is given for each parking space.  The pax, in this case, paused at each island for flutter kicks before continuing on.  Total count was about 30 burpees and twice as many flutter kicks.

Abandoning the parking lot, blocks were grabbed from the cage and the pax lined up on the curb facing back towards the school.  From there, carrying the block, each pax ran to the middle line for a 10 count set of a called exercise, ran back to the curb and then ran the full width of the parking lot for the second 10 count set of the same exercise before running back again to the starting curb.  It’s like a line drill with blocks and the following:

  • Overhead Press
  • Curls
  • Bent-Over Rows
  • Tricep Extensions

From there the pax partnered up for a similar evolution, this time running the opposite, full length of parking lot.  While partner 1 ran to the first parking lot island, partner 2 did AMRAP Curls.  Flapjack and partner 2 ran while partner 1 continued on with the Curls.  Then Partner 1 ran to the second parking lot island and back before switching places again and repeating the pattern all the way out to the last, distant parking lot island.  Between the partners, 100 Curls, 100 Overhead Press and a scant few of a choose-your-own-adventure exercise were completed along with some solid out and back action.

Putting the blocks back in their kennel, we moved on to the big parking lot for a reprise of the parking lot burpee and flutter kick pairing.  There were a couple shorties in the rows but the last few rows of parking spaces made up for the lack and, again, about 30 burpees were completed and twice that count of flutter kicks.

Finally, to complete the circuit around DHS, the pax moseyed around the Millwood side to Hollywood Squares for a final round to close out the morning:

  • 20 In and outs, OYO
  • 10 Incline Mercans, OYO
  • 10 Decline Mercans, OYO
  • 20 LBC’s, OYO

X2 (Rinse & Repeat all of the above)

With a final plankorama set to kill the clock, the seven Brickpile guys joined the SCORE crew as we circuled up for the now standard combined COT: