• When: 2019-06-17
  • QIC: Pipeline
  • The PAX: Chewy, Odyssey (#LIFO), Pipeline

Pipes and Bells

YHC was somewhat surprised to find himself scheduled as QIC of #IronYard this week after only a single post. Must have made a good impression the first time. Luckily, YHC got a nice shiny new kettlebell for Father’s Day so it was time to rise to the challenge.

The Thang:


  • Little arm circles x10 IC front/back/clap
Great big arm circles x10 IC front/back
  • Imperial squat walkers (#Squawkers) x10 IC
  • Merkins x10 OYO slow, deep, good form

Grab bells and mosey to the #Circus:

  • Curls x10
Tricep extensions x10
Lawnmowers x10 each side

Rinse & repeat at each tree along the street side.
Head over to the #Scoreboard for a set of #Elevens:

  • Clean & jerk x10 (down to 1)
  • Mosey to the Meadowfield sign
Sweat angels x1 (up to 10)

@Odyssey checks out at this point citing unknown stomach issues and thankfully did not elaborate. YHC and @Chewy head back down the #Circus stopping at each tree #LikeSo:

  • Goblet squats x10
  • Single leg dead lifts x10 each leg
Flutter kicks x10

Back to start, top it all off with swings x10 and head to COT with Stumble.


This went pretty well for being only YHC’s second #IronYard post. Every AO has its own pace and flow, and #IronYard keeps things so nice and chill you barely even notice you’re doing a ton of strength work. A+++ will post again. You should too.


  • F3 Dads every Friday at 0700 at #Thunder
#CrazyTrain starting 6/24 at #TheBull. DO IT.
Convergence at #Sawmill 7/13 at 0700
  • F3 Decathlon 7/27 at Ben Lippen, 0700

Pipeline out.