• When: 01/21/16
  • QIC: Double Rub
  • The PAX: Big Time, Pre Nup, OBC, TNT, Double Rub

PAX move quick with a little chill in the air

5 PAX didn’t let the cold stop them from getting better. Props to Big Time and TNT for doing it with fully loaded ruck.

Conditions : Cold


25 SSH IC 4x

25 IW IC 4x

40 LAC IC 4X

10 Hip Circles IC 4X

10 Plank while bringing knees to opposite arm IC 4x x

20 LBC IC 4X

The Thang

Pick up bricks and bring to goal post

Perform following ladder with bricks in hand

20 Squats

20 Merkins

20 Big Boy

Lunge walk 25 yds

15 Squats

15 Merkins

15 Big Boy

Curls while walking 25 yds

Perform same sequence down to 0 reps.

At end of field switch and start new ladder

20 IW

20 Freddie Mercury

20 Merkins

Lunge walk 25 yds

15 IW

15 Freddie MErcury

15 Merkins

Curls while walking 25 yds

Perform same sequence down to 0 reps

Mosey to wall

Peoples Chair – 60 sec

10 Burpees

People chair – 60 ses

9 Burpees

People chair – 60 secs

8 Burpees

People chair – 60 secs

7 Burpees

People chair – 60 secs

6 Burpees

Mosey to Cage

20 Flys with Bricks IC 4X

Moleskin: Great Core workout for you runners needing to cross train on non running days. Come out and support Big Time and the group.  Thanks for letting me come lead.

COT : Two Buck

Devotion : Windmill







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