• When: 2017-10-01
  • QIC: Termite
  • The PAX: Enterprise, Serena, Termite, Welcome Week, BetaMax, Biggie, FNG- Tiny, FNG - Peaches, FNG - LeBron, FNG - Kit, FNG - Mama's Boy, FNG- Swabby

Palmetto Place- F3 Kick Off Is a Hit!

F3 men helping young men of Palmetto Place. Or is it the other way around?

The first workout at the New Palmetto Place is in the books. Young men learned what a real beat down is. In fact, I think I was more exhausted leading the Q then many of the others. I regret that we lost one or two teens half-way though the 30 minute work out, however I will always remember Peaches pushing his way through his first workout even when it seemed his body would not allow it. He seemed to have that post workout conviction of wanting to be better, and knowing what it took. Sounds like a F3 Man.

Although we had classic “Life Lessons”, it seemed the unspoken lesson was that its not what your body type is, when it comes to physical workouts or any challenge in life, its more important to choose your mind set to allow you to get you through the suck.

What the mind can believe, the body will achieve…or something smart sounding like that.

Life lessons for the Young F3 Men of Palmetto Place and the Old Men of F3:

  1. 90% of life is showing up.
  2. The things that are best for you are usually the hardest things for you.
  3. Never compare yourself to anyone else, except to who you were yesterday.

I would say this re-launch of the relationship between Palmetto Place and F3 is a success. We are on for next week. If you didn’t get to come and want to participate in the future, please message me to let me know you are interested. Location is kept confidential for the security of the teens. Every Sunday at 4:00. Its in West Columbia near Triangle City.

Thank you to the Pax who showed up this week.  You made all the difference.

See you there this Sunday.

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Email: [email protected]

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