• When: 2019-08-05
  • QIC: Swingline
  • The PAX: Baconator, Backstop, Blooper, Cinqdrain, Swingline

No Hope Hill part deux

5 pax arrived at Valhalla for the second installment of the monthly journey across the road to No Hope Hill.  Many sought to get better and hopefully they were able to maintain or improve their laps.  Two newbies, Blooper and Ruby, got to join the fun and get their start.  Here we go.


Conditions – 68 and comfortable

Mosey to bottom of the hill from church. From bottom of hill:

.5 mile total route
Run to top 20 burps, run down 20 lbcs
Run to other top for 20 Merks, rub down for 20 Plank Jacks

After each round descend by 1 rep.

Swingline: 5 laps
Baconator: 4.75
Baconator: 4.5
Ruby: 3
Blooper: 3

Good work Pax and good time as Baconator says, to get just get up and get out there.

BOM – Swingline
COT – Swingline