• When: 2022-06-09
  • QIC: BunkBed
  • The PAX: Bayou, Ruby, Runt, Two Doses, Two Gloves, Hasbro, Coin Flip

NE knows how to arm circle with the pros!!!

Sandlot came on tour to Spur and YHC is trying to build buy in to the Big F3 Columbia Q sheet to encourage PAX to not only sign up at their AOs, but to sign up at other AOs and 

Conditions: Fair weather and not too humid, just the way the PAX like it!

COT and opening prayer


Mosey to the picnic tables


Hillbillies X15 IC

Toy Soldier X10 IC

The Motivator X5 IC



Arm Circle Song (https://www.f3midlands.com/lexington-sc/6-year-anniversary-at-snakepit)

Michael Phelps X10 IC

Merkins X10 IC

Next set of exercises all with right arm and leg

Nolan Ryan X10 IC

Dirty Dog X10 IC

Alabama Butt Kicker X10 IC

Arnold Fonda: Up&Down, Back&Forth, Clockwise (counter-clockwise for left leg) all X10 IC

Muscle Up X10 OYO

Go back up the list starting with Muscle Up and finish with Nolan Ryan with left arm

Dips and Step-Up circuit: Start 20 Dips and 20 Step-Up each leg, then 15, 10, and finish with 5

mosey to field

DORA P1 exercise and P2 run to trashcan and back: 400 single count flutter kicks, 200 squats, 100 single count starfish 

Sprint to the finish with your partners: Both PAX start lying on stomach at goal line, P1 sprints to 50 yrd line and then gets back down on stomach. P2 starts to run once P1 gets on stomach. P2 gets to where P1 is gets down on stomach and then P1 runs to the other goal line. Do this until you get back to the original goal line

Slowsey to flag




Closing Prayer

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