• When: 09/26/15
  • QIC: Tom Cat
  • The PAX: Tom Cat, Papa Smurf, A1, Mulliagan, Heist, Alter Boy, Socs, Stones

Mud Run is All the Talk at The Mission

The Mud Run has given the OGM men purpose in their workouts; it’s got them excited about the comradery with their F3 brothers; they’re trusting each other as they prepare and they take solace in the truth that their support of each other in the run will get them through it.  And they’re all over the prospects of playing in the mud for six miles on their four man teams.  They’re asking all the first timer questions and laughing about the possibilities.  This CSAUP, this challenge, is and will provide life long lessons … and satisfying memories for these men – both are invaluable and essential for a husband’s and a father’s good life.  YHC is proud that F3 is bringing these men to the run.  With three Saturdays till the Mud Run, the PAX are all about being ready.  The men run three times per week and recently put in five miles.  Their Boot Camp is focusing on the exercises to help them do their best. Today sprinting, Carolina DDs, Merkins, Pull Ups, Squat Jumps, Dips and Blocks.

YHC would say, “You owe it to yourself to post periodically at The M”, but we all know that the F3 way is to post to support your buddies.  Set a goal to post every five or six BCs and support these men who say every Saturday, “I appreciate you being here to encourage me and push me”.

Conditions were great, cool and drizzle.  (The men are hoping for snow this winter during boot camps).

The Thang – Qed by Tom Cat.  Written from YHCs best recollection.

COP:  IC 4CT  5x&10x Thur Tunnel, Merks, Squat Jumps, Dollies, SSH, LBAC, Squats, Wind Mill, Flutters, CCD

Blocks, Sprints, Merkins, Planks: Two Teams, One man sprints while one curls block while others either Plank or Merk.  RR.

Now something called the Junk Yard Dog:  It’s complicated and will wear out your butt.  Partner up. Partner 1 Bunny Hops over Partner 2 who is flat on his belly.  Partner 1 then crawls under Partner 2 who is Planked up.  RR9x.  FlapJack.

Mosey to Amphitheater: 1st/4th Step 5 Squats, 2nd/5th 5 Merks, 3rd/Top Step 5 Burps. Mosey Down. Plank on 6.

Tom Cat takes a moment to “witness” his F3 experience and focus’ on how he and his PAX have supported one another.

Mosey to Playground: 10 Pullups/10 Dips/Run 100 yds.  RR2x for total of 30 Pullups.

Mosey to Shovel Flag:  Dealer’s Choice. High Knees, LBACs, Squat Jumps, Flutters, 3 BigBoys/1 Burp RR for 1.5 mins.

Count/Names/Announcements/Prayer Requests & THANKS.



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